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Florian Silberisen and Daniel Hartwich: Show Together

Florian Silberisen and Daniel Hartwich: Show Together

current Florian Celebrezen As the new chief justice ofGermany is looking for the star‘ to see. It is now officially known that the multi-skilled player will participate in another talent show, the first details of which are now available. There’s also former Jungle Camp host Daniel Hartwich.

Florian Silberezen: This is his new guest appearance on TV

The talent show ‘Show us Your Voice’ enters its third season in 2022. RTL is moderated by Daniel Hartwich. Recently it was announced which celebrities will be “music stars”. Among them: Florian Celebriesen! hit star and DSDSThe jurors are aboard Episode 4 which is set to be taped on March 22nd. In the show there are seven strangers on stage. Over the course of several rounds of the game, a “big music star and fan” attempted to separate the wheat from the chaff using clues. A five-person team, staffed by celebrities, provides advice. At the end of the show he goes to the “Truth Stage”. Florian Silberian’s episode includes Tim Malzer, Judith Williams, Harry Winford and Bulent Celan.

Thomas Anders: He’s also in Show Us Your Voice.

In the first issue recorded on March 15 is Thomas Anders Music star. But at the end of the season, Florian Silberisen’s fellow judge on “DSDS” is Ilse de Lange. Fans can also be there live on site. ‘Show Us Your Voice’ tickets are now available from the ticket service. All registrations take place in March.

Daniel Hartwich: Jungle Camp is because of family

Coordinator Daniel Hartwich has made headlines recently after his exit as Jungle Camp Supervisor. After nine years he left the cult show. The lieutenant colonel justified the end of his engagement by the fact that his family could no longer accompany him to the shootings. His children are now school age, so staying in Australia or South Africa for several weeks is unthinkable.