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Florian Silberezen: Is Dieter Bohlen's DSDS successor also tough?  - People

Florian Silberezen: Is Dieter Bohlen’s DSDS successor also tough? – People

20 years ago, the film “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” began to be shown on television. A guarantee of success was the sometimes bad sayings with which jury chief Dieter Bohlen (67) crushed the candidates. This young musician’s clean up isn’t new to RTL anymore – so a new DSDS era has begun. without panels.

After Bohlen exited in 2021, he was replaced by Florian Silbereisen (40). The premiere with the new jury, consisting of singer Ilse DeLange (44) and music producer Toby Gad (53) as well as the pop star, will air on RTL at 8:15 p.m.

Florian Celebration, Els Delange and Toby Gad at DSDS casting in Wernigerode (from left)Photo: © RTL / Stefan Gregorowius

“It can never be anything with the jury!” waved former juror and friend of Bohlin’s Pietro Lombardi, 29.

Indeed, many wonder: Are Slugger Suneboy and Captain Traumshef too nice to head the jury? Is it strict enough? Or will everything be too likable with DSDS?

Florian Silberisen and his predecessor Dieter Bohlin

Florian Silberisen (left) and his predecessor Dieter BohlenFoto: picture alliance / dpa / Stefan

Silbereisen himself thinks he can be strict with DSDS. Even if it is difficult for him at times.

Moderator to BILD: “My heart breaks when I have to destroy dreams! I know I make decisions about young lives with DSDS. But that’s why I have to be tough.”

There are always candidates who are very confident in themselves and convinced of their singing talent – although none of them are.

How does Silbereisen deal with them? Juror: “Some are highly advised by their circle of friends. They seem to not hear the notes out of the key!”

So Silbereisen must go: “Then I must take responsibility and tell them the truth.”