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Floods in northern Italy: Landslides trap holidaymakers in camp

Floods in northern Italy: Landslides trap holidaymakers in camp

In northern Italy, some towns were cut off from the outside world after a landslide.

After the storms of the past few days, northern Italy is also suffering the consequences of flooding. At one campsite, vacation guests were cut off from the outside world after a landslide.

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  • Floods due to heavy rains have caused an exceptional situation in northern Italy for days.
  • The Brescia region is particularly affected, as some valleys are cut off from the outside world.
  • Even about 30 holiday guests at one camp were surrounded by a landslide.

Not only Switzerland and southern Germany, where people had to face floods and their serious consequences as a result of heavy rains in the past few days. Areas in northern Italy were also affected, especially the Brescia region, where a creek overflowing its banks caused many exceptional situations.

After the landslide, the small town of Digana was cut off from the outside world, as did the news portal for the first time “Garda Post” mentioned. About thirty people were completely trapped at one point, including six families in one camp.

About 70 fire brigade members were deployed to free the trapped guests and residents. A special unit was also called in to use heavy equipment to open the roads leading to the town, which has a population of 500 people.

Houses are flooded and streets are impassable

According to reports, landslides occurred Fire department In the municipalities of Salou and Fuparno. As a result, a river in Fuparno was blocked and burst its banks, flooding the city centre.

According to local media, cars, homes and stores were submerged throughout the area. Many roads have become impassable due to mud. Electricity was cut off in some communities. The rescue teams are said to have worked tirelessly and were able to successfully complete all operations in the area during the night. There is currently no information about missing or injured people.

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June 6, 2024