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Flooding in Australia

Stephen Dawson, the region’s minister for emergency services, said the situation was extremely dangerous and changing. “We haven’t seen this kind of rain for at least 100 years,” he said. “It’s shocking how high the water is.” Not only people, but also the animal world was in danger: 9 showed how kangaroos and cows tried to get to safety from the flood. The wallabies ran to the porches for their lives. Officials have also warned of the movement of snakes in the floods.

Weather forecasters said the heavy rains were the result of Tropical Cyclone Ellie, which made landfall two weeks ago. They expected more heavy rain on Wednesday. “People in North Western Australia are familiar with these types of weather conditions at this time of year, but the widespread nature of this event and associated flooding is unusual and dangerous,” the Met Service said.

The wild and spectacular Kimberley region lies to the north between the Indian Ocean and the Tanami Desert. The spectacular landscape attracts tourists from all over the world.

Over the past year, Australia’s east coast has been plagued by repeated floods. Apart from New South Wales, the states of Queensland, Victoria and South Australia were particularly affected. The country is particularly affected by the effects of climate change. An Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report from February 2022 assumes Australia will be affected by more frequent catastrophic natural events in the future. (sda/dpa)