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Flashdance on the Walensee stage with Ann Sophie Dürmeyer in the lead role

Flashdance celebrated its premiere yesterday at the Walensee Theater

Anne-Sophie Dormayer dances around everyone’s ears

Wrinkles, bright colors, sexy vocals: The musical “Flashdance,” which made Jennifer Beals world famous, is back and will be performed on the Walensee stage. The title character Alex is played by Anne-Sophie Dormayer (31).

The world-famous curly head is returning to the stage: for nearly 40 years, welder Alex Owens has wowed an audience of millions with her skills in “Flashdance”. The Sweaty Dance Story celebrates today with its Walensee theater premiere with its sensational title song “What a Feeling” by Giorgio Moroder (82).

German starring Anne-Sophie Dormayer (31) was played by Jennifer Beals (58) delighted in 1983. While the American was doubled in many scenes at the time, everything on the lake stage is real. “I dance every scene myself,” confirms Dormayer. He adds, “The great movie has also accompanied me throughout my life. So I am even more proud to be able to slip into the role of Alex.”