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Fishing dispute with Great Britain: Macron currently abstains from punitive action

Status: 01.11.2021 10:44 pm

In a fishing dispute with Great Britain, France initially waives the ban. President Macron has said he will postpone planned sentencing proceedings against the British for a day. Both sides now want to consult.

In a controversy over fishing licenses, French President Emmanuel Macron suspended the imposition of fines against Great Britain at midnight. On the sidelines of the World Climate Conference in Glasgow, Macron mentioned ongoing talks with the government in London. We will not impose sanctions when we negotiate.

A few hours ago, Macron’s office confirmed that the announced sentencing measures would take effect from midnight. “The next few hours are important,” the president said now. “I think the British will come to us tomorrow with more proposals.”

Paris announced strict restrictions

An EU spokesman previously confirmed that representatives from France, Great Britain and Jersey and the Guernsey Channel Islands and the EU Commission would hold talks in Brussels. According to Macron, the talks will continue on Tuesday. “We’ll see where we are at the end of the day tomorrow to see if things change in nature,” he added.

The French final warning to reach an agreement on a dispute over a fishing license expires on Tuesday. Paris has threatened to close some ports for British fishermen and tighten controls on British boats and trucks. France imposed restrictions on the supply of electricity to the Great Britain-owned Channel Islands in the region. The islands are located off the French coast and depend on France for electricity.

Final warning from the British government

“These threats must be withdrawn by the French, otherwise we will incite the dispute resolution mechanism agreed upon in the Brexit agreement to seek compensation,” the BBC’s Foreign Minister Lis Truss said. London will not return in the face of Paris’ “inappropriate” threats. The problem must be resolved within the next 48 hours.

Controversy between two states over fishing rights after Brexit. Paris has accused London of punishing French fishermen who allowed them to fish in British waters. French fishermen do not have a warranty license to cast nets in British waters. According to British sources, it was a few dozen French boats that were not licensed for fishing because they could not prove the required documents.