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Starke Premiere-Saison: Triathlet Mika Noodt gewann in seinem ersten Jahr als Profi einige Wettbewerbe.

First year full of titles for VFL trio Mika Nodt: ‘I want to go to the absolute top in the world’

2021 is coming to an end in three months, and it is already clear that it will be the best in Mika Nodt’s career. In July he won the Ironman 70.3 at Sables-d’Olonne, France, then won the Heidelbergman, Frankfurt City Triathlon, Viernheim, and most recently finished 11th at the Ironman 70.3 World Championships in St. George (USA). The 21-year-old has put in some great performances this year. “Its development has grown rapidly,” says Renee Chabab, director of the triathlon division at VfL Wolfsburg. but: “As an insider, it was clear to me that it was coming and it wasn’t over yet.”


“It was definitely a breakthrough for me. It’s my first year as a professional and it has gone very well. The whole training paid off completely, and I am really happy with the season.” In addition to his individual successes, the Wolfsburg-born man has also been able to celebrate successes in the league The German with DSW Darmstadt, which he has competed in since 2018. He finished third with the team in the overall standings, and in Nuremberg he finished third for the first time on the podium. “It wasn’t a win, but it was a huge achievement for me,” said Nudt.

The fact that the Wolfsburg-born man finished 11th best German at the World Championships in St. George didn’t really surprise him, because “I’ve always believed in him”. His goal was to take the top 20. “It was a great trip, it was my first time in the States. It was very hot in Utah, but I prepared myself very well.” What surprised even those in charge at Wolfsburg: For all his success this year, Noodt wore VfL gear, even though he wasn’t required to do so. “I made the decision myself and will remain in close contact with the club,” Nodt said. Even after the World Cup, the Wolfsburg-born man didn’t hold back, in the Ironman 70.3 race on Lanzarote, he finished second with a total time of 4:04:25 hours, just 54 seconds behind winner Daniel Bekegaard (Denmark). On October 31, Noodt will participate in the triathlon in Alhandra (Portugal), after which the season ends.

Despite the success of his debut season as a pro, it should have been just the start for Noodt. “I always want to get to the absolute top in the world and fight to win the world championship. In triathlon, it’s not over at the age of 25, which is when it really starts. But the IT student knows: ‘An injury can be enough for an entire season. I have to be careful not to burn myself. The people of Darmstadt are also paying attention.”

It was not expected that Nodt would continue his career as a triathlete and he has evolved over the years. He started out as a swimmer at TV Jahn Wolfsburg – that was one-sided to him. He started with running training and rode his bike in his spare time. When he watched the Wolfsburg Triathlon Championship, he thought he could try it too. In the fall of 2012 he joined VfL, where he still has the right to start. “I felt like I was at home there,” says Nudt. Although the triathlon player, who grew up in Fleistorf, has been competing in the Bundesliga at DSW Darmstadt since 2018, to his then coaches Carlo Kaminski and Dr. Andre Albrecht, still in contact. “If I have any questions, they are there for me.”