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First place for Mueller-Thurgau from "Frank & Frei"

First place for Mueller-Thurgau from “Frank & Frei”

At the 17th International Müller-Thurgau Prize on Lake Constance, another Müller-Thurgau from “Frank & Frei” managed to take the top of the podium. The 2020 “Frank & Frei” -Müller-Thurgau Dry from the Max Markert winery (Eibelstadt) won first place in category 2 (dry >12.0% alcohol by volume). The winners were honored during a ceremonial wine tasting in the magnificent Hall of Mirrors in the New Palace in Meersburg. According to a press release from “Frank & Frei”, a total of 138 wines participated in the competition organized by the BodenseeWein eV Association.

Frank & Frey managing director Gerald Balduff (Rammstal) is pleased with the successful result: ?? It is really great that our colleague Max “Frank & Frey” Mueller Thurgau and other members of this international comparison have also been able to achieve our group to achieve great places in the top ranking. All of these wines can be sampled at the “Frank & Frei Vibes” event on August 6 in Würzburg. “

The fact that winemaker Max Markert has a good talent for Müller-Thurgau was also confirmed in the Franconia wine competition “Best of Gold”. Here he won, according to the announcement, the Eibelstadter Kapellenberg Müller-Thurgau Kabinett 2019 drought in the category? Prestigious trophy.

The award-winning Müller-Thurgau wine, but also other grapes ?? From real estate to fine wines?? Presenting 13 “Frank & Frei” wineries on Friday, August 6 at Bürgerbräugelände in Würzburg. From 5pm to 11pm, over 60 wines are available for tasting, as well as cool tunes with DJ Discofini and gourmet delicacies from Markus Grein Catering. Seating is reserved for all guests on the motor house balcony.

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