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First Boeing 787 delivered: Lufthansa won't enter the Dreamliner era until 2022

First Boeing 787 delivered: Lufthansa won’t enter the Dreamliner era until 2022

Lufthansa had hoped to get its first Dreamliner in 2021. But the Boeing 787 won’t come until 2022. The first will be called the Airbus A380.

It was his birthday wish, but it wouldn’t come true. When asked when Lufthansa expects its first Boeing 787, “I still hope it comes before Christmas,” CEO Carsten Spohr said in August. Then the Dreamliner will be welcomed with a private flight. But nothing will come of it.

Lufthansa won’t take delivery of its first Boeing 787-9 until next year and rename it Berlin. The airline announced on Wednesday (October 20). “The ceremonial christening will take place after the delivery of the aircraft next year,” the statement said. Then the first Lufthansa flight will also take place.

Lufthansa plans to receive five 787s in 2022

The aircraft will receive a D-ABPA registration. His recording has a tradition: In 1960, Willy Brandt named the Boeing 707 Berlin for the first time. Recently, the Airbus A380 with registration D-AIMI bore the prestigious name.

As the first destination for an intercontinental plane Toronto is still planned. This machine is the first of five Boeing 787-9s that Lufthansa plans to add to the fleet in 2022. The group has ordered a total of 25 Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners.

Boeing has had Dreamliner problems for a year

Lufthansa ordered 20 planes in 2019 – when it comes to engines, they are marked in Boeing’s order book as “unspecified”. The five aviation group ordered another 787-9 in spring 2021. They were already produced planes that other customers did not want to buy. It is powered by GE Aviation engines. still not clear How are the aircraft within the Lufthansa Group divided?.

Boeing has been around for a year Always new production issues with Dreamliner. This is how Boeing managed to do it this year Deliver only 14 Dreamliners in Spring.