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Toni Finsterbuschs Comeback bei der IDM lief nicht wie erhofft.

Finsterbusch’s hard IDM return: fall and thirteenth place at Schleizer Dreieck

Schliz. A² + B² = C²! Oh, if this success formula could be applied to a Schleiser triangle as easily as applying the Pythagorean theorem to a right-angled triangle. But math and racing are subject to some differences. For Toni Finsterbusch, when the German International Motorcycle Championships (IDM) came to a halt in Thuringia Vogtland, there was nothing to be harvested either on the road or in the perfectly engineered adjacent fields. The chances of the next race of the season can hardly be calculated. However, due to the virus it continues to spread unexpectedly.


On August 13-15, IDM actually wants to honor the “I” in his name in Assen. But since Tuesday, the Netherlands has been a high-infection area, which means anyone who returns from the neighboring country and has not been vaccinated or recovered must be in quarantine for ten days. “At the moment I don’t suppose Assen will be used. We have to see how everything develops. Long-term planning is not possible at the moment,” says Finsterbusch.

That’s where we go back to the beginning: the pandemic is not math, not racing. In any case, in Schles, Sars-CoV-2 seemed to be an unpleasant memory at best. A total of 28,000 spectators attended last weekend. Finsterbusch would have liked to present himself better in the Superbike class than in a crash in race one and 13th place in race two. However, this was Hohenossiger’s first IDM deployment in nine months and after a serious foot injury. The 28-year-old’s conclusion was somewhat conciliatory. “It was ok after the long break. In terms of speed, we did really well. But overall, Schlesz and I probably wouldn’t be friends.”

He says that and points to rather unfortunate contexts. From his point of view, the playoffs went well with eighth place. This seems to continue in the Numero uno race. But while looking for seventh, the front wheel slipped off of him in a tight bend, and he fell and couldn’t continue because the handlebars were flapping. “Maybe I had a slope of 0.5 degrees too much.” So it seems like a little bit of math is there after all.

In the second round of the weekend, the material slipped. “My brakes got softer and softer from the middle of the race and in the end I was only able to get home,” Finsterbusch says. The rescue work ended in thirteenth place – the first three points of the season can be announced with optimism. The assessment of North Saxony itself seems pessimistic: “It’s annoying, there was more to it and this is on a path I don’t really like.” He definitely loves Asphalt. Only an invisible aerosol floating above all the roads is likely to spoil Tony Finsterbusch’s party.