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Finally, Ekaterina Leonova talks about rumors of love with Timon Krause

Finally, Ekaterina Leonova talks about rumors of love with Timon Krause

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Ekaterina Leonova loves to keep her fans updated on Instagram. But she has yet to comment on the love rumors about Timon Krause. In an interview with RTL, she explained the reasons for this.

Cologne – Ekaterina Leonova (36 years old) is one of the most popular dance professionals of the RTL show “Let’s Dance”. She loves to share her life with her around 295,000 followers on Instagram. But fans don’t just care about their skills on the dance floor. This season, there have been rumors of love around the choreographer and her dance partner, psychologist Timon Krause (28). While dancing, they became especially close and the two were spotted entwining themselves tightly outside of the show.

When Ekaterina Leonova was asked about the rumors in an interview RTLShe added: “I really like letting my followers share my life on Instagram. However, I have limits and like to keep some of my private life private.” She added that this is “healthy and important.”

Lionel’s team embarks on the “Professional Challenge”.

The dancing couple had to leave the show after the semi-finals and placed fourth. However, Leonova does not have to say goodbye to “Let’s Dance” this year. On Friday (May 26, 8:15 p.m.) RTL will present the “Let’s Dance” professional challenge, in which dance professionals will compete in pairs. Leonova forms Lionel’s team with Alexandru Ionel (28). “This year, fate has decided that we will compete as a team in the 2023 Prophy Challenge,” the dancer wrote on Instagram about two photos with her colleague. “In fact, we’ve hardly danced together before (not even in openings), so we’re even more looking forward to the new challenge.”

Timon Krause and Ekaterina Leonova make up;  Ekaterina Leonova smiles
Ekaterina Leonova is said to have a love affair with her former Let’s Dance co-star Timon Krause. Now the professional dancer has commented on the rumors © IMAGO / Panama Pictures & Instagram / ekatleonova

A total of nine couples compete, and the three couples with the most viewer votes advance to a second round. Whoever wins the Pro Challenge will choreograph the opening dance for the upcoming show, “Let’s Dance.” Additionally, if dancers are part of the season in 2024, they will receive an additional jury rating point that they can redeem up to and including the fourth show. Anna Ermakova (23) and Valentin Lusin (36) won their usual “Let’s Dance” performances and celebrated until the end of the day. Sources used:, Instagram