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Finally clear text!  Feeling in love with Jenna Lisa Lohvink?

Finally clear text! Feeling in love with Jenna Lisa Lohvink?

Recently, there were rumors of a possible love affair between Ennesto Monté, 46, and Gina-Lisa Lohfink, 34 – now the artist has commented on the speculation in clear words …

Insto Monti: It’s all over with Danny Buechner

In the past few weeks, Ennesto Monté has made headlines about his on-and-off relationship with Danni Büchner sensation. It seemed that the two had never been with or without each other in the past. After the two fell back in love a few weeks ago, it was all over again after only a week.

And this time it’s supposed to be class finally Being. Danny only commented once on the drama and confirmed that it’s not her business mud fight And they will give something time He will need to complete the chapter.

So while Danny has her wounds It seems to be leaking, it seems that Ennesto used ChanceTo meet new women. Via Instagram, he has now revealed in a question and answer session that he is currently a woman data will.

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Insto Monti: What’s going on with Gina Lisa Lohvink?

Until now he kept to himself what he is, but then a little later it was traded Rumors About contact with Jenna Lisa Lohvink in the media. the the reason: distance subscriber The photo of the two appeared in the boiling net rumors. Ennesto has now commented on the doubts via Instagram and put it in one free of ambiguity State clearly what is really going on between the two reality stars.

When asked by a curious follower whether Rumors The 46-year-old revealed:

Before there are more articles, I will try to clarify. Gina and I have known each other for a long time and are good friends and if there’s a picture that shows us together, it doesn’t mean a date. There is absolutely nothing except friendship.

This statement seems clear and current speculation Wind From Feather gain weight It remains to be seen if Ennesto will show himself soon with a new woman by his side to look at her.