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Finally Apple makes improvements

Finally Apple makes improvements

So far, buyers of the new iPhone 13 in one of the two Pro versions have to give up an announced feature. At least now we know that Apple will soon make improvements to the iOS 15.1 update. But a little patience is still required.

When submitting a file iPhone 13 Pro (Max) Apple promised to support ProRes For New Smartphone. Professional videographers who already know the format were excited, but Apple held off. Support is not currently integrated yet, and a subsequent update should fix this fact.

iOS 15.1: iPhone 13 Pro receives ProRes support

With the release of the third preview of a working version in progress at Apple Updates on iOS 15.1 (Beta 3), Apple delivers on its promise. A corresponding switch for activating or deactivating can now be found under Camera Settings – Formats sub-item (Source: Mac rumors).

With iOS 15.1, ProRes is coming to the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max as promised (Photo: MacRumors).

IMPORTANT TO KNOW: If you only have one iPhone 13 Pro (Max) model with 128GB storage, you can Recording in 1080p (30fps). Information from Apple indicates that in this case up to 1.7 GB of data is generated per minute. If you have more memory, you can Also use ProRes in 4K, but then it should be computed with significantly greater memory requirements. So far, there have been speculations of up to 6GB per minute.

With iPhone 13 Pro, Apple has professional videos and photographers on display, like this one Video About the new cell phone shown:

Macro functions are now under control

Similarly, Apple takes care of one in iOS 15.1 annoying bug. So far, the iPhone 13 automatically switches to the ultra-wide-angle camera for macro mode. On the one hand, this leads to an unattractive change effect, and on the other hand, this step can no longer be directly reversed. Manual “speed change” is prevented. With the upcoming update, users will now receive a file Option to turn off auto switch. Like ProRes, you can do this in the camera settings.

a iOS 15.1 Release Date Not yet announced by Apple. However, based on the experience of the past few years, we expect to publish it at the end of October. So a little patience is still needed, but iPhone users don’t have to wait long before improvements.