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Final: The extra kick makes Kloten cheer after frustrating the referee

Shortly before the end of the first overtime period, Kloten scored - no

Win overtime or not? Shortly before the end of the first overtime period, Kloten scored – no(00:43)

EHC Kloten kicked off the Swiss Super League final with a 2-1 win after extra time. Dario Mayer scored the winning goal in the extra second half.

Both goals came in regular time in the first quarter of the hour. Both teams have lucky punch chances. With increased fatigue, both teams lost order, but it took until a second extra time before another goal was scored. This only lasted 48 seconds, then Dario Meyer grabbed Olten goalkeeper with a backhand kick across the back.

Whirl around the supposed victory goal

The Kloteners were already celebrating shortly before the end of the first extra time, but Mathieu Nodari’s goal was not recognized after the video consultation – which was only allowed in the final – because the goalkeeper was obstructed.

The frontrunner and likely first for promotion Kloten is having a tough time with the rebellious Oltner in front of a good 6,500 spectators. Although Z├╝rcher Unterlander shot on goal quite often, Solothurn’s side created the most obvious chances. The equalizer by PostFinance top scorer Gary Nunn (15) was well deserved five minutes after Kloten put in a beautiful lead through Andre Spieler.

Next, Olten has excellent chances of taking the lead, thanks in part to a penalty kick that Nunn failed to save on goalkeeper Tim Wolf, as well as kicks from the column by Joel Scheidegger and Stanislav Horansky. Dario Meyer of Kloten also failed once on the crossbar. (SDA)