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Final Fantasy VII Reunion?  • JPGAMES.DE

Final Fantasy VII Reunion? • JPGAMES.DE

Final Fantasy 7 could almost be called Sqaure Enix’s own franchise. Although it is the seventh part of the successful series, it clearly stands out from the others. Due to its great popularity, it not only received countless spin-offs that shed more light on the events in the universe, but also movie and anime. Moreover, Sqaure Enix is ​​currently producing a detailed remake, which will be published in three parts. Final Fantasy VII Rebirth (Part 2) is due out next year.

Fans of the original already know that Zack will play a huge role in the upcoming installment. This is also indicated by the first statements of his Japanese voice actor, Kenichi Suzumura. Anyone wishing to learn about Zack and his backstory now has had the opportunity to do so since December 13th. with a remaster Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion Square Enix revamped the old PSP version and released it on current consoles and PC.

Not only should this game prepare you well for the second part of the remake, but it should also herald the tagline “More Than Remastered”. This means that in this case, Sqaure Enix has by no means updated just the graphics. She was there too Many game modifications Procedure. But is that enough to convince you, or has he already convinced you of the remake? Feel free to tell us in this Sunday Q!

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