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Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster appears in this sleek version for Switch and PS4 • JPGAMES.DE

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster appears in this sleek version for Switch and PS4 • JPGAMES.DE

The little hope of many Final Fantasy fans today has been fulfilled. Square Enix made those Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster for controllers officially. After the new age classification With the ESRB, this isn’t much of a surprise anymore.

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster is coming to Nintendo Switch and PS4. There’s also another surprise for the 35th anniversary of the Final Fantasy series today. Besides a lot new merchandise A commercial version of the Pixel remasters has also been announced.

The Japanese Square Enix online store has a special edition of the game with a vinyl soundtrack set, an artbook, an Ultimania guide, and pixel minifigures. each l PS4 And the keys. In Japan, the release is scheduled for May 31, 2023.

The same Collector’s Edition will also reach us in the West. It’s already exclusive to the local Square Enix store Pre-order And it costs – wait for it – 274.99 euros. Memorial Ultimania does not appear to be included in the West.

There is also a Standard Edition (€74.99) for both platforms in the Square Enix store. According to the product description, this is also sold exclusively on the Square Enix Store. In addition to the game, there is also a “special shell”.

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster includes remastered versions of Final Fantasy I through Final Fantasy VI. In the new adaptations, all characters have been redesigned by pixel artist Kazuko Shibuya, who has been with the series since its inception.

In addition, there is also a newly arranged soundtrack supervised by Nobuo Uematsu and improved gameplay including an overhauled user interface, auto battle features, and more. for Final Fantasy VI even re-sets the iconic opera scene in multiple languages.

By the way, all six games in the bundle currently cost just under 75 euros on Steam. With the digital version you hardly save compared to the physical version. However, in the Square Enix store, you also have to pay exorbitant shipping costs. The images below are from the Japanese online store and also show the Ultimania guide.

Artwork: Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster, Square Enix