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Final Fantasy IX has received a donated animated series • Nintendo Connect

Final Fantasy IX has received a donated animated series • Nintendo Connect

Out of nowhere, Square Enix announced one in September 2018 as part of Nintendo Direct Final Fantasy series of games to Nintendo Switch a. Final Fantasy VIIAnd the Final Fantasy IXAnd the Final Fantasy XAnd the Final Fantasy X-2 And the Final Fantasy XII has long been available and Final Fantasy IX Now apparently an animated series has been donated.

Final Fantasy IX conspiracy

A gang of thieves disguised as a theater plan to kidnap Princess Garnet. To everyone’s surprise, it turns out that the princess even wants to be kidnapped, and therefore voluntarily goes with them – and is closely followed by Captain Steiner, who wants to protect her at all costs.

On their journey, the group meets the young black magician Vivi and Quina Quen of the Q. Together, they reveal the secrets of the Crystal and, eventually, their own origins.

Paris-based Cyber ​​Group Studios has signed a co-development and production agreement with Japanese video game company Square Enix to create the fantasy/adventure title. Final Fantasy IX To be adapted as an animated series for children from 8 to 13 years old. In addition to producing the show, Cyber ​​Group is also responsible for global sales, licensing, and marketing.

Likes Kids Screen I mentioned, the deal was signed. Cyber ​​Group CEO Pierre Sismann has announced that the goal is to start production by the end of 2021 or early 2022. In the coming months, the project will first be shown to broadcasters. It makes perfect sense to put this in the hands of a studio focused on children’s shows. FF9 has a nice family-friendly story compared to other major Final Fantasy games.