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Filter puts Günther Jauch in

Filter puts Günther Jauch in

“Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?”: Candidate Puts Gunter Gautsch in

That’s what “Who wants to be a millionaire?” Not often. Yesterday, candidate Marvin Mediator Gunther Gautsch got key advice.


That’s what “Who wants to be a millionaire?” Not so often: Yesterday candidate Marvin Luchste and Günther Jauch’s moderator of basic advice.

The 29-year-old police officer was standing next to Marvin “Who wants to be a millionaire?” Already with a question of 1000 euros on Khartoum. “What are you talking about when you say in the Grimm’s fairy tale Cinderella: the good in the pot, the bad in the crop?” Gunter Gautsch wanted to know from him. Answer options: “A: carrots, B: beans, C: corn, D: lentils.”

Marvin had a vague idea, but he wasn’t entirely sure. Therefore, the FBI officer considered the Joker 50/50 fee. Before that, however, he exchanged opinions with mediator Gauch, who liked to let his candidate fade. Marvin feared that after the Joker 50/50, the answers that were bothering him would still stand. Gauch wanted to know from him, “What should stand?”

“I cheated on you”

Marvin’s answer: “C and B are preferred. Do you think this would work?” And here Josh erred. Because without thinking much, the broker said, “No, it doesn’t work.” But he gave the police officer useful advice. “If they say C and B are gone, then A and D will still be then they should be the lens.” Only then did Gauch realize what he had just done. “Now I’m the idiot here,” Gauch joked. He also quipped the directing staff, who can communicate with Gauch via his screen: “He cheated on you.”

In the end, Marvin didn’t use it much. He gave the wrong answer to the 16,000 euro question and was only able to get a consolation prize of 500 euro. But no one can take away the feat of deceiving Günther Gautsch.