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Figure skating jump: Kramer finished third to win the New Year's Eve Tour

Figure skating jump: Kramer finished third to win the New Year’s Eve Tour

The first World Cup contestant, Sarah Marietta Kramer, took third place at Ljubno’s New Year’s Show. Only the Japanese Sara Takanashi and the Slovenian Ursa Bogatag were better than the native of Salzburg. While Takanashi claimed her first win of the season, Kramer, who finished second in Slovenia on Friday, has to wait for her sixth win. The next opportunity doesn’t come until the end of the month in Willingen.

On Saturday, Kramer (91.5m/89.5m) was just seven points short of World Cup record holder Takanashi (95/89), who celebrated her 61st victory. Bogatag (93.5/88) was just beyond the reach of the young ÖSV star, Who was successful in Ramsau before Christmas, this time. The Slovenian was ahead of it by 2.3 points. Kramer, who finished eighth on the podium in the ninth competition of the season, comforted herself by winning the two-part New Year’s Eve Tour ahead of Slovenian Nika Kriznar and Takanashi. In the World Cup as a whole, she has already 232 points ahead of Germany’s Katharina Althaus.

Kramer was satisfied then. “It was a very positive weekend, even if it was more difficult than usual. Leobno is very special, because of the radius I was always late in jumping, and then I ran out of energy. I think I gave everything I did. The truth is that I won the overall ranking and the owl Really cool, I’m really happy. This is how you can start the new year.”

Three-time Lyubno champion Daniela Irashko Stolz finished sixth in the second competition, and Eva Pinkling finished tenth. Jacqueline Sefriedsberger came in 15th and Sophie Sorchag 18th. Lisa Eder missed the finals in 31st place.

Due to the pandemic-related cancellation of the World Cup twice, it will last in just four weeks. The nomination for the Olympiad must be done in advance. Like Kramer, the Iraschko-Stolz and Peeing venues are safe. Eder and Severedsberger fight over the last ticket. However, it is likely that Sorschag, who competed in Ljubno, and Chiara Kreuzer, who was missing due to poor performance, are out of the race. At the end of the month, the last two competitions before the Winter Games in Beijing were on the program in Willingen.