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Fifth place for FF Erdleiten

Fifth place for FF Erdleiten

pigeon cell. The Erdleiten fire brigade took fifth place at the Federal Youth Fire Brigade Performance Competition in Linz (East Tyrol).

The youth competition group Bad Mühlaken (Urfahr district), which won the national victory and repeated this victory after 2016, took first place. Competition group Gögenberg (Vöcklabruck County) came second and FF Waldneukirchen from Steyr Land came third. Places 4 and 5 also went to Upper Austria, with Allerheiligen-Lebing and Erdleiten competing group.

With a group of girls from Meigen/Hagen/Sand, a group from Upper Austria also won. About 500 young firefighters from the best youth groups from all over Austria took part in the Youth Performance Competition of the 24th Federal Fire Brigade in Linz. Many residents from all over Austria confirmed a fair assessment on both days. Many admirers from Upper Austria traveled to Linz and encouraged the youth groups with the best service. During training the day before, it was already clear that the decision would be close and that the winner would probably come from Upper Austria.

The opening ceremony took place in the main square in Linz with all 57 competition groups entering and more than 500 participants. Chief of the fire brigade Robert Meyer was able to welcome many guests of honor and many spectators. The national competition was well organized by the Lienz Fire Brigade, and ended the evening with a beautiful award ceremony at the Dolomitenstadion. The International Fire Brigade Competitions 2024 will be held in Trentino (Italy).