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FIFA World Cup 2022: Why Bundesliga star Giovanni Renia rarely played for the USA

FIFA World Cup 2022: Why Bundesliga star Giovanni Renia rarely played for the USA

BVB star Giovanni Reyna (20) has only been on the field for USA for 52 minutes out of a possible 360 ​​minutes at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. This caused astonishment.

Popular sports news portal The Athletic is now revealing the real reasons behind Rina’s slight interest in Team USA. It seems that he was threatened with an early departure.

In its report, “The Sportsman” refers to anonymous, unidentified sources who were not authorized to speak publicly about the “Rina case.” Accordingly, the youngster showed an alarming lack of commitment ahead of the United States’ first game of the World Cup, including a friendly against Qatari club Al-Gharafa on November 17.

During this practice game, he is said to have wandered onto the field frustrating his teammates. USA wasn’t sure if the attacking midfielder wanted to protect himself from injury or was just frustrated. It is also said that Reina got rid of leg guards in the Wales game when it was clear he would not be a substitute.


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Source: Reuters, Bild

As a result, many experienced American players sought direct contact with Rina. It seemed that the situation was getting worse. USA coach Greg Berhalter has gone so far as to consider sending a Dortmund player home.

Instead, Berhalter and his coaching staff sought to speak to Reina again. They told him he had to act right from now on and also sincerely apologize to the team.

According to the report, Rinna explicitly apologized before a video session and made it clear that he belonged to the group. His colleagues would forgive him after that. Reina was rewarded for his improved behavior with a 45-minute effort in the round of 16 against the Netherlands (1:3), but was unable to avoid defeat. Previously, he had only played seven minutes against England.

For BVB fans, it is hoped that Reyna will show her commitment at Dortmund and enjoy her football. This season he did not really participate in the Eredivisie, scoring two goals and two assists after 16 matches.