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FIFA wants the World Cup every two years - more, more, more

FIFA wants the World Cup every two years – more, more, more

  • fromJacob Bullhoff


FIFA has the idea of ​​holding the FIFA World Cup every two years. Glitter.

Zurich – We need more. Over everything all the time. And if we think it’s okay, that’s enough for now – please stop for a moment. Wait until the shortage manifests itself, it will come out from behind a completely misguided sense of economics. do not worry.

For example, it is important that you keep reminding yourself that there is very little football in the world. We need more football, more often, and that’s very important, otherwise you risk getting interested in something else in the end. God forbid. And speaking of God: FIFA, the World Federation, as one might roughly think, the birthplace of God’s Complex, have just launched a brilliant idea, their premium product, the World Championship, not just every four years, but every two years to organize. What a great idea, what a great addition!

FIFA appoints Arsene Wenger as interests representative

To get people to understand how cool this idea is – and it’s so cool, it couldn’t be better, but better than (lucky!) I actually implemented a huge craze to increase the World Cup to 48 teams as of 2026, because 48 teams is more than 32, as scientists have been able to Mathematics in FIFA determined. For this reason, the gray slate Arsene Wenger is currently on the road and going door-to-door as the representative of luxury vacuum cleaners.

As head coach of Arsenal London, Wenger, 71, has gained popularity at the end of the day, desperate for his coat in front of the cameras (damn Zipper!) and also impressively holding onto his Arsenal job. Now he is FIFA’s “Global Promotion Director for Football”, and he is currently saying poignant phrases such as: “We have to realize that society is demanding more and more high-quality and emotional games.” Really, it’s not a case of things. All these games are rarely played, very unemotional football games – as if this bad sport was invisible.

FIFA World Cup every two years – because only more is better

In any case, Wenger realized that it could not go on like this. This week he meets in Doha with a group of 30 experts (including German spotlights Sami Khedira, Lothar Matthaus and Jürgen Klinsmann) to finally talk about it all. According to a statement, it’s about “really globalizing football and giving all talents and countries a chance.” Very well, very true. Because only more is more, and the same amount is less, and less means nothing at all, and nothing comes from anything. And there must be something in the Swiss bank account. (Jacob Polhoff)