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FIFA comments on Gianni Infantino’s plans for the Club World Cup

Comment on Infantino’s new plans

Now there are no more excuses, dear Europeans!

Europeans are complaining about the new plans of FIFA President Gianni Infantino. But the excuses are no longer valid, writes Blake Sport’s chief correspondent Emmanuelle Jessi. If they want to change something, the European federations must pull themselves together now.

Gianni Infantino talks about his new plans shortly before the final whistle of the World Cup.


Emmanuel JesseHead of the sports report team

You can’t blame Gianni Infantino, 52, for one thing: The man doesn’t turn his heart into a killer pit. Shortly before the final whistle of the World Cup, the FIFA president presented his plans for the next few years. In short: everything gets older and more expensive—and, if you can believe it, everyone’s better off after that.

This is especially true of Infantino himself, who could be elected FIFA president for the fourth time in 2027, thus outperforming the spirit of the 2016 reforms – even if legally on the safe side. By 2031, he would have 15 years of service as FIFA president, thus reaching the dimensions Blatter (17) he thought would be overcome.