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FIFA and Adidas introduce the high-tech ‘Dream Ball’ for the crucial World Cup games

“dream”, “dream ball”

The World Cup finals, semi-finals and the match for third place will be played with this new high-tech ball

A new ball will be used in the last four matches of the World Cup in Qatar. Sensors inside the ball track your every move. According to manufacturer Adidas, the design is a tribute to the host city of Qatar.


“Al-Hilm” in Arabic “dream”: this is the name of the new high-tech ball from Adidas, which will be used in the final matches of the World Cup in Qatar.

FIFA has unveiled the official football for the semi-finals, the third-place match and the final of the Qatar World Cup 2022. The ball is called “Al-Helm” which means “dream” in Arabic. The new game ball replaces the “flight”, the “flight” previously used in the tournament.

This new ‘dream ball’ has been praised by manufacturer Adidas for the latest technology used in the design. Football is no longer football: the “dream” is a high-tech product. The sensors embedded in it help match officials make faster and more accurate decisions.