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FFmpeg 5.1 LTS: Open-Source-Werkzeug mit neuen Features erschienen

FFmpeg 5.1 LTS: An open source tool with new features released

Photo: FFmpeg Project

FFmpeg It is a free command-line audio and video editing toolkit available for Windows, macOS, and Linux. The extremely powerful and highly comprehensive multimedia framework now also masters hardware acceleration for the first time AV1 Via the open interface VDPAU.

Open source audio and video tools just got more powerful

In addition to hardware acceleration of AV1 via Nvidia’s Open Graphics Programming Interface originally written by Nvidia, FFmpeg 5.1 now also supports PHM and QOI As well as records IPFS and IPNS.

the official Release Notes I include the following innovations, improvements, and bug fixes for the new FFmpeg 5.1 (“Riemann”):

FFmpeg 5.1 LTS release notes
  • AV1 Acceleration with VDPAU
  • Updated Libraries
    • libavutil v57.28.100
    • libavcodec v59.37.100
    • libavformat v59.27.100
    • libswresample v4.7.100
    • libpostproc v56.6.100
    • libavdevice v59.7.100
    • libavfilter v8.44.100
    • libswscale v6.7.100
  • Support for VIZRT binary image decoders
  • Support for DFPWM audio encoders and decoders
  • Support for SITI filters and Bitsteam filters
  • Support IPFS and IPNF
  • PHM / QOI support

Apple ProRes and VP9 in hardware

HD video format developed by Apple ProRes Plus new filters based on Vulkan and VP9 In devices since the release of FFmpeg 5.0.

The updated toolkit for audio and video editing is in the form of an LTS version with long-term support.

FFmpeg for Windows, Linux and macOS

In addition to the Windows and Linux versions, the FFmpeg project also offers a free toolkit for macOS Download on me.

More information will be provided by the administrator Site As well as the project page on the developer platform github.

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