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Fewer seats overall: Switzerland sends its first Airbus A340 with premium economy class

After the Boeing 777, the Swiss subsidiary of Lufthansa is now equipping its Airbus A340-300 aircraft with premium economy class. Business class and economy class are shrinking.

HB-JMB is the first. As the first Airbus A340-300 from Switzerland, the plane took off on Tuesday (January 24) in premium economy for a scheduled flight. Previously, the aircraft had been in Hong Kong since early December 2022, when it was converted. On the 21st of January we returned to Zurich on the 24th of January to Johannesburg.

The Lufthansa subsidiary still has five A340-300s in its fleet. One of them – HB-JMC – goes to Sister Edelweiss. The other four get the premium economy class. Now that HB-JMB has converted, HB-JMA, -JMH, and -JMI are set to follow by the end of April. “From this time on, Premium Economy Class will also be bookable on routes between Zurich, Johannesburg, Hong Kong and Chicago,” says Suess.

A total of eight fewer seats per aircraft

Each aircraft will have 21 premium economy seats. Business class will shrink from 47 to 42 seats, and economy class will shrink from 168 to 144. First class will still seat eight passengers. Overall, the number of seats on the A340-300 from Switzerland has been reduced from 223 to 215.

New premium economy seats. Photo: Swiss

Since the end of February 2022, Switzerland has the premium economy class – as the first airline of the Lufthansa Group – It has already installed the entire Boeing 777-300 fleet. Each of the 12 aircraft has 24 seats in the new travel class, which provides a seat distance of approximately one meter for the front seat and a seat width of 48 cm.