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Ferrari SP48 Unica: a one-off based on the F8 Tributo

Ferrari SP48 Unica: a one-off based on the F8 Tributo

Ferrari has made another unique piece to the specifications of a long-term customer. The SP48 Unica was developed as a two-seater sports car by Ferrari Centro Stile under the direction of Chief Designer Flavio Manzoni.

For this purpose, Forge’s design used the F8 Tributo platform and also implemented an untouched V8 biturbo engine. With a power of 720 horsepower, the unit is one of Ferrari’s most powerful eight-cylinder engines. Other data: a displacement of 3.9 liters, a torque of 770 Nm. The V8 accelerates the F8 to 100 km / h in 2.9 seconds, to 200 km / h in 7.8 seconds, while the V-max reaches 340 something.

The network as an integral part of the body

Although individually drawn, Unica refers to the archetype with its elegant lines and bold appearance. Meanwhile, for the SP48 Unica, the front was supplemented with an arrow-shaped profile and the headlights were redesigned. As for the design, the technicians also had to move the brake air intakes, the designers created a grille structure that seamlessly integrates into the body. The center section of the roof also features a graphic depiction of the air intakes integrated into the rear of the carbon-fibre bonnet in front of the rear spoiler.

Another eye-catching feature is the body and grille design linked to the transition to black elements on the windows, roof and bonnet. Smaller side windows and the absence of a rear window enhance the appearance of the visor. Thanks to the longer rear shift, Ferrari was also able to increase the downforce in the rear. Another air intake is located directly behind the side windows. Ferrari thinks the model looks like it’s been carved out of a block of metal.

Black interior with orange apps

As for the interior, Ferrari remains true to the F8 Tributo in basic styling. The Italians install black and perforated Alcantara specifically for the seats and most interior trim for their clients. Under the gloss there is an orange-red canvas that matches the exterior. Additionally, Ferrari has installed matte carbon fiber applications with metallic accents.

Ferrari Centro Stile regularly builds one-off models based on well-known Ferraris for discerning customers. Each project is based on the client and his idea and then implemented with the designers. The whole process takes about a year. Ferrari didn’t have until the end of 2021 BR20 A one-off model based on the GTC4 Lusso. A year ago, the customer requested to have a special 812 Ultrafast with Omologata carrying out.

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After a year of development, Ferrari has once again delighted one customer and customized the F8 Tributo. After processing the interior design, the SP48 Unica shows itself with a redesigned interface and a mesh structure specially integrated into the body. And so the Italians take the F8 to a new level, even if they leave the 720-horsepower eight-cylinder engine as is.