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‘Fernsehgarten’ 2021 final to celebrate its 35th anniversary

Helen Fisher: releasing second advanced single on Friday

Fans have been eagerly awaiting this: the second advanced single from the album “RauchIt means ‘Full speed ahead’. With this song begins Helen Fisher According to the record company, they are at a new stage in their career, because the song is also about change and turmoil. What is interesting is the theme of the song – the record company describes it as follows:

You just have to let go of the past and look to the horizon: “Full speed forward/back to sea”.

Whether this forward look and conscious departure from the past is indicative of the continuation of Helen Fisher’s career, one can only speculate on it – one has to listen to the entire album for it. But this is certainly an interesting aspect of their current development.


The following authors wrote their names “Full Speed ​​Into the Future”:

  • Helen Fisher
  • Farsad Zorofshi
  • Cohen painted
  • Benjamin Asir
  • Robin Heaves

Best chart entry of her career

After all: With her first single, “Vamos a marte,” Helen Fisher made the best solo chart entry of her entire career. The “full speed ahead” bar is really high. The description of the new number sounds very promising: “It rises from an accurate piano ballad to a dramatic finale with rhythms and chords.”

An insight into the photo session

There’s also news on social media: Helen Fisher gave an insight into her shoot with photographer LINA TSCH and promised a beautiful 48-page brochure that came with a calendar and the replacement CD in the luxury fan box to find it.

press release

“Full Speed”: This is how Helen Fisher begins a new phase of her life and career, with music as passionate, diverse, and exciting as one desires. Full speed ahead:

This is the name of their new single, which will be released on Friday. It is about the changes and upheavals in life. And the liberation that each change brings, because life can now go on in a different, new and more open way. You just have to let go of the past and look to the horizon: “Full speed forward/back to sea”.

‘Back to the Open Sea’: This may be the motto of the new Helen Fisher we meet here. She has reinvented herself, as a singer, as a singer, as an observer of small and big things. We had to wait for more than four years to get new music from it, and on the 15th of October the album “Rausch” will finally be released. The tension was enormous, but Helen Fisher met and exceeded all expectations.

Already with my first solo release, “Vamos A Marte”, I got off to a great start. The duet with Latin pop star Luis Fonsi rose to number two on the German singles charts and gave her the best chart entry of her career; It showed the maturity and growth of Helen Fisher as a singer in recent years.

Even here too. Top Speed ​​Ahead: Helen Fisher’s voice has never sounded so bright and confident. It creates courage and gives strength, increasing from a delicate piano song to a dramatic finale with rhythms and chords. “Full Speed”: This is a song full of strength and full of confidence in the future; A song for all who do not allow themselves to be discouraged by changing times and changing lives, but see this change as a challenge and an opportunity. “Maximum speed forward/return to sea”.

Source: Polydor / Universal

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