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Female James Bond?  This is why Daniel Craig is against it

Female James Bond? This is why Daniel Craig is against it

Daniel Craig will not play agent 007 in the future. The actor recently retired from his role as James Bond in tears. Now he is commenting on rumors of a dark-skinned successor.

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Although Daniel Craig “has no time to die” in the new Bond movie, he won’t be Agent 007 anymore. The British actor announced his resignation in 2016.

Since then, there has been a lot of speculation about who should take on the role of the most famous movie agent. Rumors It becomes raucous that Lashana is taking over Lynch – a black woman.

Female successor? who – which Solves heated discussions the end. Now the 53-year-old actor is talking to him Radio Time When asked if he will find a good female profession.

Daniel Craig as well as James Bond in No Tome To Die.

Build: AP

But although Craig believes that the specific role of James Bond should not be played by a woman, he puts this phrase back into perspective: “Why should a woman play James Bond when a woman’s role would be just as good?”

Because there are so few good roles for women or actors with dark skin, Craig was criticized. Instead of replacing James Bond with a woman, better roles should be created for actresses and people of color.

twenty-fifth Movie From the James Bond series “No Time To Die” celebrates its premiere in Switzerland AM 28. September. (cst)

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