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Feet and Toes: What Shape Says About Our Personality - Guide

Feet and Toes: What Shape Says About Our Personality – Guide

The shape of your feet and toes may reveal more about you than you want to admit, whether it’s messy, tidy, social, or low-key.

The toe analysis should provide information about the character. How it works was explained by Elaine Rochmann of Dormersheim in Baden, who has been an ambulatory podiatrist for 20 years and since 2012. Toe reading instructor. It analyzes a character’s strengths and weaknesses based on the size, shape, and location of the toes. “This gives me clues about what is happening in people and recognizes behavioral patterns. With this knowledge, I can stimulate learning processes that lead to confrontation with oneself and to inner balance.”

In her early years as a podiatrist, Roschman noticed that problems like swelling or calluses sometimes couldn’t be fixed permanently, but kept recurring. I suspected that these problems were not caused solely by mechanical influences.

This was confirmed when I came across the investigations by Imre Somogyi () 2015). The Dutch journalist is considered the founder of the modern toe theory. “He’s worked with toes for three decades and has discovered that they can reflect life stories,” says Rochman, who trained with him as a lecturer.

Toe reading as a way of life

Somogyi’s thesis: The shape of the toes is predetermined and suggests the character of a person. On the other hand, the position and orientation of the toes is largely determined by behaviour, i.e. the reaction to external stimuli. If the toe causes problems, the person’s behavior does not match his personality.

Eileen Rochman says that what you learn in people from the analysis of the toes is strange to many. “But I am not a clairvoyant. I am aware of the qualities that bring problems to the heart of the matter. It can give people motivation and help them.”

Experienced reader’s analysis is comprehensive. But everyone can easily try it, both on themselves and on others. And summer is the best time for that: sandals and slippers are everywhere. So look down often!

Here’s a quick guide to reading a toe:

Greek foot

look: Common toe form where the second toe is longer than the big toe.

Translation: Greek-footed people tend to be dominant and love to be physically and mentally active. They often detach from the sport and creatively implement their exuberant ideas. But sometimes that’s a very good thing and your impulsive optimism turns tense and frantic.

Egyptian foot

look: This toe shape is also popular. It has a dominant big toe, the others fall evenly at an angle.

Translation: Egyptian-footed people have a friendly character and prefer to move around in a harmonious and peaceful environment. You attach great importance to aesthetics and want to be pampered on a grand scale.

special shape: The row of toes ends with a very small toe. People with this foot shape are sociable, but they never want to open up completely, they always keep a secret.

roman feet

look: The first three fingers are approximately the same length, while the last two are of equal length.

Translation: Roman-footed people are curious about adventure, foreign countries, and other people. They love parties and conversations, but be careful: if they’re the center of attention too often, it can go into their heads.

peasant feet

look: All five toes are approximately the same length.

Translation: People with farmer’s foot are usually well-balanced and rational. They are conscientious and reliable when completing tasks, but also when dealing with friends. In larger groups, they tend to regress. They hate chaos as much as they hate decisions that are too fast.

Comparing toe distance and foot size can give more clues about personality:

► If the toes are far apart, you will not keep people in one place for long. He is brave and sociable. If he cannot travel and move around, he will quickly become gloomy.

► If the toes are close together, then this person also connects his senses to each other. So decide rationally and rationally instead of being guided by feelings.

► If the big toe clearly stands out from others, then this person maintains his obligations, although he prefers to do something else. He rarely gives in to his longing. Because he has an independent mind, he gets into arguments easily.

► If toes can be easily spread, this person is spontaneous by nature and deeply reluctant to commit to anything.

► If the right foot is larger and / or wider than the other, this indicates a rational analytical character and a practical inclination.

► If the left foot is larger and/or wider, emotions often determine the actions that person takes, and problems are more likely to be solved creatively.