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FCZ fans turn away from the coach: Fouda cannot get rid of the crisis

Sid is still in crisis

FCZ fans call for ‘Foda Out’

Once again there is no win – and now the fans have had enough of Mr. creep. Demanding the dismissal of coach Franco Foda. He is still convinced that he is the right coach for the FCZ team.


Fouda after the last minute goal to 1:2 against Lugano: The FCZ coach doesn’t want to look anymore.

After only seven matches, it was time. And that’s even though the memories of the main party are still fresh. But the image that FC Zurich presents on the table and on the field in the new season is not worthy of the champion. And in the eyes of many fans, one person is to blame: Franco Foda.

They can only be heard briefly after the renewed blow to the neck, the 1:2 blow against Lugano – but they can be heard: calling “Fuda Ott”.