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FCL won in Sion and finished 4th

FCL won in Sion and finished 4th

FCL turns the game around and, thanks to a strong second half, wins 1:2 away at Sion in front of over 150 screaming FCL fans. Thus, Lucerne will play internationally next season.

The two teams sensed each other early in the match and there was a lack of spectators in the penalty area in the early stages. At this quiet stage, the VAR suddenly intervened, conceding a penalty against Sion, by newcomer Dantas Fernandez. Captain Grgic took charge and defeated Vasic, who guessed the corner, by placing the ball in the lower right corner of the goal. Siyon immediately used the momentum and Vasic was tested with a dangerous headbutt, which he managed to corner with his fingertips.

The first shot at Sion’s goal by Oteger from the side took almost half an hour, but there was no real danger here either. Although FCL tried to increase the offensive effort, it was not very successful. Ottiger had the best chance to equalize five minutes before half-time: the right-back grabbed the ball from the opposition’s corner, simply walked across, but was eventually denied by goalkeeper Sion Safarikas. With a narrow sacrum she entered the cabins.

Martin Friedk delivered the first offensive action in the second round. However, his direct free kick was a safe prey for the goalkeeper. Shortly thereafter, there was a lot of action when Frederick sent a sharp cross into the penalty area, the ball was headed onto the crossbar and Villiger was unable to convert the ball freely in front of the goal. However, the situation was not yet fully resolved and Shorpf was able to wrestle the ball from a defender and score across the post to equalise. FCL showed a huge increase in performance in the second half and an hour later had the first chance for the opening goal through a header from Chader. Shortly after that, the ball did indeed fall into Setien’s net, but Dräger started from an offside position, which is why the goal was disallowed. 66 minutes later, Poha saw red after an attack on Frydek.

With twenty minutes left, Valais had a chance after Schürpf fouled Lavanchy just outside the box. The ensuing free kick led to a promising pass, but Vasic made a powerful save.

In the 75th minute, Sofiane Chader turned the game around with a shot from the turn. As a result, FC Sion were outnumbered and could no longer respond, so the score remained 2-1. With this result, FCL is ranked 4th and will therefore be represented internationally next year.

Telegram FC Sion – FC Luzern 1: 2 (1: 0)
tourbillon. – 5,500 spectators. – SR Schneider.
Goals: 15. Grgic (penalty) 1: 0. 52. Draw 1: 1. 75. Shader 1: 2.
Sion: Safarikas; Lavanchi, Santini, Ziegler, Yapicino; grgic. Itaitinga (Sio 24), Buha, Costa, Bua (Jalapaco 67); Al-Shawarf (82. Carlin).
Lucerne: Vasic. Ottiger (62nd Dräger), Burch, Beka (81st Jaquez), Ruben Dantas Fernandes (46th Chader); Frederick, Belocco; Dorn, Max Meyer, Schorpf; Villiger (72. Abu Bakr).
Notes: Sion without Araz (suspended), Balotelli, Cavare, Cibrian, Diouf, Vikenture, Mobandi, Schmid, Zaghari (all injured) and Leander (sick). Lucerne without Jachari, Simani (both suspended), Müller, Surgic, Emine, Kadak, Cledje, Lenny Meyer, Campo, Diambo and Loritz (all injured). The thirteenth assistant referee, video: Dantas Fernandez handed a penalty kick. – Red card: 66. Boha (assault on Frederick’s interference / Video Assistant Referee). Warnings: 13 Max Meyer (complaint), 45 Belocco (fault).