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FCL lost 1:3 in the friendly match against Hoffenheim

FCL lost 1:3 in the friendly match against Hoffenheim


After a good first half, FCL lost 1:3 in the friendly match against Hoffenheim

Sixth-placed TSG Hoffenheim in the Bundesliga is stronger than FC Lucerne at 30C: the central Swiss side lose a moving test match on coach Mario Frick’s birthday.

Test match between TSG Hoffenheim and FC Luzern: Bundesliga club Stanley Nsuke (right) duel against Teddy Oko.

Photo: Martin Meinberger/Fresh Focus (Hoffenheim, September 7, 2023)

FC Luzern is taking advantage of the international break to hold a test match against a team from the Bundesliga. And at the Dietmar Hopp stadium in Hoffenheim, he will face the sixth-placed Central Switzerland team from the German Elite League. FCL kept a good run for the first 45 minutes. Kemal Adeyemi gave the guests from the Premier League a 1-0 lead with a direct shot in the 29th minute.

In the 39th minute, Mauricio Willemann blocked Hoffenheim striker Quincy Butler on the penalty line. Referee Felix Bryggan awards a penalty kick. Veteran Kevin Vogt doesn’t give young FCL goalkeeper Diego Heller a chance with a penalty – score 1-1.

Nicholas Haase returns to FC Luzern

In the second half, the hosts were slightly stronger than fourth-placed Switzerland: Mergem Berisha (59′) and Finn-Uli Becker (65) scored in Hoffenheim’s 3-1 win over FC Luzern. Obviously, heat is a problem for people in central Switzerland.

Nicholas Haase is playing in the UEFA Champions League for the first time in over six years. The 27-year-old from Moense (on loan from FC Empoli of Serie A) played a solid game in defensive midfield until the 88th minute.

Nicholas Haas comes to Hoffenheim to make his first appearance for FC Luzern in more than six years.

Nicholas Haas comes to Hoffenheim to make his first appearance for FC Luzern in more than six years.

Photo: Martin Meinberger/Fresh Focus (Hoffenheim, September 7, 2023)

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No gift for Frick

Mario Fricke could have imagined a slightly nicer day: the Liechtensteiner celebrates his 49th birthday on this hot September day at 30 degrees Celsius. A test match involving a four-and-a-half-hour return trip. But Frick said after the match: “If we have the opportunity to play against a team from the Bundesliga, we will do it.” In such a case, it is not taken into account whether the coach celebrates the Nativity Party or not.

“We played very evenly with Hoffenheim,” Frick says of the first half. After the break, a different match unfolded in the heated Dietmar Hoppe Stadium, and the Champions League coach also sees it this way: “In the second half we were less physically fit, and even Hoffenheim had chances to score one or two more goals. On the other hand, Assouma Aboubakar missed a chance.” Excellent for scoring our second goal.

Many absences of the national team players

Many professionals from both sides participate in the European Championship qualifiers. In FCL, they are Ardun Jashari (Switzerland), Ismail Peka (Kosovo) and Jakub Kadak (Slovakia), who play for the senior national teams of their countries. Along with Pascal Lauritz, Lars Villiger, Severin Otiger and Luca Jaquez, FC Luzern also includes four players from the Swiss U-21 national team,

The telegram

Hoffenheim – Lucerne 3:1 (1:1)
Dietmar Hoppe Stadium. – 200 spectators. – S. R. Berrigan.
Portals: 29. Adeyemi (Ullrich corner) 0:1. 39.Vogt (penalty for foul) 1:1. 59. Berisha (Baker) 2: 1. 65. Becker (Moorstedt) 3: 1.
Hoffenheim: Philip; Becker (Kelati 76), Vogt (Koenig 76), Nsuke (Lasig 81), Skov (Justvan 57); Justvan (Adams 46), Brooks (Tohomco 46), Stach (Schmahl 81), Brummel (Kadarbek 46); Butler (Moorstedt 46), Berisha (Poulter 76).
Lucerne: Brighter. Ulrich (77 Spadanuda), Willemann, Simani, Lenny Meyer; Haas (Yacht 88), Rupp (Max Meyer 46); Oko (Dorn 69), Beloko (Heglin 82), Chadder (Bredijk 69); Adeyemi (69. Abubakar).
comments: Lucerne are without Gacharri, Lauritz, Villiger, Otiger, Jaquez, Pekka, Kadak (all members of the national team), Kledje (injured) and Frederic (rest). – 56. Skov with a shot against the crossbar. Warnings: 27. Ulrich, 69. Vogt (both wrong).