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FCB throws three doctors including Dr.  Marty by

FCB throws three doctors including Dr. Marty by

The guy belongs to FCB as Joggeli and Basler Stab. For 42 years, Dr. Players Felix Marti, for more than a quarter of a century he has not earned a dime, travels away from matches at his own expense, pure passion.

Now it’s over, cooperation with the current team of doctors will not continue, as FCB confirms a message from “bz basel” upon request. Over the past few weeks, talks have been held about “changes to the medical care of the first team” and “due to various incidents in the past few days, it has been decided to terminate the cooperation immediately.” In addition to Dr. Felix Marti also Dr. Marcus Rothweiler and Dr. Marcus Webber. We would like to thank everyone for their many years of service.