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FC Thun defeats Xamax and climbs to 3rd place

FC Thun defeats Xamax and climbs to 3rd place

FC Thun made a celebratory match in Neuchâtel and won 4-1. Meanwhile, the Vaduz leader only plays 2-2 against Everdon Sport.

The basics in brief

  • FC Thun beat the Zamax 4-1 and jumped to third in the standings.
  • Hasler, Gerndt, Havinar and dos Santos meet in the Bernese Oberland.
  • In the parallel match, Vaduz scored only one point against Everdon Sport.

Thun scores big points in Neuchâtel. In the duel between the two relegated leagues in 2020, Bernese Oberland won 4-1.

The guests make the best possible start: in the second minute of the match, the ball ends in Nicholas Hasler, who sticks to it and scores a superb long-range goal. As a result, the inhabitants of Thun are immediately on a rebound and thus decide the game.

Ziswiller blocks Veloso’s shot before hitting Gerndt

Little by little, the Neuchâtel team is also finding their way into the game. But as the season progresses, the chances of scoring goals from either side are scarcer. But then, Veloso’s deal was seriously rigged ten minutes before the break, and Ziswiler miraculously fended off Thun’s goalkeeper.

Just before the end of the first half, FC Thon made the score 2-0. Alexander Gerndt uses a strong Castroman mould. The Swede gets a beating and lies there in pain – despite his leg stretched out, Ouattara sees only yellow.

Decision after the break

After the break, Miguel Castruman is the next target. The corner kick drops to the undisturbed Havenar’s head, and makes the defense giant 3-0. Then the old star Rafael Nozullo came to the stadium.

This also initiates the 1:3 contact that has been hit by Alili (66′). Just three minutes later, Xamax’s quietly awakened hope dies again because dos Santos hits a set shot. In the end, FC Thun won 4-1.

And in the parallel match, the leader Vaduz tied with Everdun. Koro Kone and Sumpola Malola scored the goals of Ole Forte against Liechtenstein Super League. Cicek for a penalty and Lüchinger still secured one point for Vaduz.

Thon jumps to third place

With this victory, the Thuners outperformed today’s opponent at the table, among other things. In fact, Bernese Oberland jumped from seventh to third in the Challenge League. Equal on points with second place in the table, Winterthur, they are back in the climb race.

Who will be promoted to the Premier League?

The table setting is still very tight, so Xamax is in sixth place just two points behind Barrage’s place. Even championship leaders Vaduz are only six points ahead of Neuchâtel.

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