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FC Lucerne had to settle for a 0-0 draw against FC Zurich

FC Lucerne had to settle for a 0-0 draw against FC Zurich


Even if the newcomers are convincing: FCL should settle for a 0-0 draw in Zurich

FC Lucerne had chances to score – more could have been achieved at FCZ today. A bitter evening for Pascal Schorpf: after being substituted, he had to leave the field shortly thereafter.

FC Zurich: Lucerne 0-0 (0-0)

FCL starting lineup

Ardon Jashari leads the team as the team captain for the first time in a competitive match. Newcomers Nikki Bellocco and Joaquin Ardez have also been playing since the start.

Match Report

12905 spectators find their way to Letzigrund on this hot Saturday evening. The Lucerne team started with enthusiasm, but it was very lucky in the ninth minute: a cross from Zurich went wide of the goal. FCL took about 17 minutes to take its first shot over FCZ goalkeeper Yannick Brecher – but Asumah Abubakar’s shot wasn’t difficult for Brecher.

Ardon Jashari is making a positive impression once again in his first serious fight as captain. In the 21st minute, Abu Bakr fired in a perfect way. The former Krienser does not end. Luck in midfield a few minutes later when a header from Lyndrett Camberi nearly ended in goal.

Ardon Jashari (centre) leads the team onto the pitch as captain

Photo: Mark Schumacher/Freshfocus (Zurich, July 23, 2022)

FCZ is also lucky in the 34th minute. Brecher can’t control Martin Frydek’s corner kick and the ball hits only the post. That would be almost 1-0 for Lucerne. Ardon Jashari also received a yellow card for a foul in the 44th minute. The first half can be described as balanced on the balance sheet. Near the end, the FCL was much better than the FCZ.

Coach Mario Frick can be satisfied with the team in the first half.

Coach Mario Frick can be satisfied with the team in the first half.

Photo: Mark Schumacher/Freshfocus (Zurich, July 23, 2022)

After the restart, the next spotlight for FCL follows in the 50th minute. In the middle of the action: Substitutes Pascal Schorpf (Lenday) and Samuel Campo (L Sorgic). The latter launches Ardaiz after a quick entry throw from Schürpf – however, the newcomer only hits aluminum with a header.

For Schürpf, it’s all over after just a few minutes. He was replaced by Muhammed Drager after an injury – too bitter for the 32-year-old Schorpf. Ultimately, however, FCL can’t be pulled from this – the game itself, however, ripples along. The fourth change in the FCL finally follows in the 74th minute: The newest horse in the stable, Jacob Kadak, replaces Ardez.

In the meantime, FCZ secured one good chance or another. However, the reigning hero does not put his guest in trouble. But FCL can’t use the slight increase in opportunity either. After all: newcomers like Beloko know how to please.

Nikki Bellocco (left) wants to assert himself against Stefan Celler.

Nikki Bellocco (left) wants to assert himself against Stefan Celler.

Photo: Martin Meienberger/Freshfocus (23 July 2022)

In the 88th minute, shortly before the end, it was FCL’s turn again: Dräger with a superb shot on goal – FCZ goalkeeper Brecher should really extend for the first time. After an unwatchable free kick and a yellow and red card for Jashari (and a yellow card for Marius Muller), it was over. The game ends without goals.

This is what the FCL coach says

“I don’t know if I should be disappointed or happy.”

“After the break there were one or two first-class players that we did not use. There is a certain disappointment. But if you cannot win, it is important that you at least not lose.”

FCL . interactions

Muhammad Drager says:

Dennis Simani says:

FCL درجات scores

Newcomer Bellocco convinces: FCL’s notes against Zurich in overview


FCL coach Mario Frick (left) and Osama Abu Bakr after the match.

Photo: Martin Meienberger/Freshfocus (Zurich, July 23, 2022)


Zurich – Lucerne 0-0
Letzigrund. – 12,905 spectators. Real Piccolo.
Zurich: crusher; Boranigasevich, Camberi, Mets, Guerrero; Gogia (Santini 57), Conde, Seiler (Dzemaili 70), Okita (Gnonto 53); Marchesano (70 Krasniki), Tosin (53 runners).
Lucerne: Miller. Dorn, Porsche; Simani, Friedek; Ndiaye (46 Schürpf/62nd Dräger), Jashari, Beloko; Abu Bakr. Ardays (74 kdak), surgic (kampo 46).
Notes: Zurich without Omeragic (injured) and Selnaes (sick). 35. Precher slides the ball off the post. 51. Ardez header. Posted: 91. Jashari (yellow-red). Reservations: Al Jashari 44, Al Jumaili 85, Beloko 90 (errors).


Live broadcast tape to read


FC Zurich – FC Luzern 0:0: Direct reading indicator


The next FCL match will take place on August 7 in Lugano. The first home game will be on August 10 against GC.