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FC Bayern: Why is Kimmich allowed to play without vaccination at the 2G Stadium?  - Sports

FC Bayern: Why is Kimmich allowed to play without vaccination at the 2G Stadium? – Sports

In the USA, basketball player Kyrie Irving is no longer allowed into the hall without being vaccinated, but Bayern Munich player Kimmich is allowed to play on the 2-G Court. This sounds silly, but it isn’t.

Basketball player Kyrie Irving, who makes his money in the NBA, is currently no longer allowed to play basketball because he has not been vaccinated. So the questions are clear: Could this also happen to unvaccinated footballer and Bayern Munich player Joshua Kimmich?

As is often the case, it is worth taking a look at the details. Irving plays for a club whose home matches are in upstate New York. There you are not allowed to enter the gym without a vaccination, which excludes Irving from home games. Periodic vaccination is not required, so in another state it should be able to do its job as usual. The issue is controversial in the United States.

Now the fact that Kimmich has not been grafted leads to difficult formations in Germany – for example in Leverkusen, where the 2-G rule applies to the stadium stands but the 3-G rule applies to the lawn. In New York, there is no difference between spectators and professionals, but in Germany there is a distinction. Unusual as it sounds in this context, Kimmich is an employee of FC Bayern. Nor does the 2-G rule in the workplace even apply to medical professions. It is hard to argue why professional footballers should be an exception.

FC Bayern can only intervene in a limited way. The club says there have been several consultations, one generally being advised to get vaccinated. This is reasonable, because it is in the interest of the club that as many players as possible are vaccinated. Only because Kimmich should have been in a 14-day quarantine if he tested positive and could be absent for up to six matches. If he has been vaccinated, and if he remains symptom-free, he can take a break on the fifth day.

The crucial point is: there is no compulsory vaccination in Germany. It is for this reason that Kimish must have the opportunity to pursue his profession. How Bayern Munich thinks that, or how the spectators are tested and not allowed into the stadium, is another debate.