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FC Bayern vs.  BVB – Broadcasting the classic German film in over 200 countries

FC Bayern vs. BVB – Broadcasting the classic German film in over 200 countries

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from: Boris Manz

Bayern Munich vs Borussia Dortmund: The Classic should be the highlight of the Bundesliga season. The game will be broadcast and watched all over the world.

munich – come saturday evening at Allianz Arena To the absolute top game. the Bayern Munich Receive Borussia Dortmund. German football has been waiting desperately for this for weeks Bundesliga– Highlight of the year, but people also look closely at the outside when record champions meet table bosses.

Bayern Munich – Borussia Dortmund
Date: April 1, 2023
Time: 6.30pm
Location: Allianz Arena
Competition: Bundesliga

FC Bayern vs Borussia Dortmund on TV: DFL based on special cameras

The duel between F.C.B The BVB holds enormous potential for DFL’s marketing department. With the slogans “German Classic” or “Bundesliga-Classico”, the league announces its best matches ever. And it seems to be a success: in more than 200 countries, the televised event will be broadcast live on television or as a broadcast.

In addition, the DFL Come up with something very special for the first game: instead of the usual 19-26, 32 cameras will be used in the Allianz Arena this time around. Additional special cameras should provide the audience with better recordings and thus increase the television spectacle. “This includes digital content on Bundesliga channels as well as footage shown on TV and in areas outside the home,” the German Football Association wrote in a statement.

The whole world is watching Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund on Saturday night. © Imago / Moritz Müller // Revierfoto / Kirchner-Media

Bundesliga classics at international level: Many TV stations broadcast teams to the Allianz Arena

There is a clear plan behind it all. The DFL wants to use the platform to increase its stature and further polish its image. That is why the Bundesliga accompanied the eagerly anticipated match with the “It’s time to get real” campaign.

Obviously, the announcement paid off. International broadcasters even bring their own teams into the stadium for the main event so they can report closely on what’s going on. According to the DFL, reports include ESPN (USA), ESPN Deportes (USA, South America), Viaplay (Poland, Norway, Sweden, Finland), beIN Sports France, beIN Sports Middle East, Network 4 (Hungary), Canal + (Sub – African Sahara), Infotball and Band Sports (both Brazil) from the arena.

Former Bundesliga stars such as Matthaus, Lahm and Weidenfeller play for the German Football League

Overseas fans are also really excited about the duel. In many countries, public viewing is offered in addition to performances. In the USA, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Thailand, Indonesia, China and Nigeria, people should be able to follow the matches in the events initiated by the German Football Association. In world events, former Bundesliga stars such as Lothar MatthausPhilip Lahm, Claudio Pizarro, Ze Roberto and Roman Weidenfeller appeared. (btfm/dpa)