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FC Bayern: Gnabry attends US basketball game - outfit tops it all

FC Bayern: Gnabry attends US basketball game – outfit tops it all

Bayern Munich players were a year behind them, during their winter vacation, a star traveled to the USA without further ado and suddenly showed himself in the NBA game.

Miami – You don’t have much free time as a FC Bayern pro, so a winter break around Christmas is perfect. While some stars spend their free time with their families and stay at home, others are drawn to the outdoors. For example, national player Serge Gnabry traveled across the Atlantic shortly before the festival and was seen playing basketball.

FC Bayern: Serge Gnabry is a huge basketball fan – and dedicates himself to the NBA game in Miami

It was already clear that the 26-year-old was a huge fan of American popular sports at his presentation in Munich, when he appeared in the same outfit as basketball legend LeBron James. He also copied his usual glee, when Gnabry always moved an imaginary wooden spoon while playing basketball. James Harden of the Brooklyn Nets celebrates his points in a similar way. Gnabry no longer just wanted to imitate his NBA idols, he visited them.

In the early hours of Wednesday morning, late in the evening US time, Gnabry suddenly appeared in the basketball hall in Miami. The Bayern Munich star has published several stories from the FTX-Arena, venue NBAMiami Heat teams. In one of the firstReturning to the rows behind the basket, the Munich winger attended the game against the Indiana Pacers, which Miami won 125:96.

FC Bayern: Serge Gnabry shows himself on Instagram with the NBA star – and presents his eye-catching style

One of the short clips on Gnabry’s Instagram profile is a short video in which a Stuttgart man portrays the Hits’ shooting ranger, Tyler Hero. The following story finally shows a handshake between Gnabry and the 21-year-old basketball professional. More obvious than the salute between two top athletes, however, is the outfit BayernPROFESSIONALS Most fans should have looked twice.

Gnabry seemed to like the retro style, in the NBA game he showed himself with an airy and striped Dungarian. In addition, the DFB actor was photographed on the floor, and soon he shared this photo with his fans. It is unknown whether Gnabry vacations in his Swabian homeland or continues to soak up some Miami sun at around 20 degrees. Both scenarios are awarded to him – not least because of his outstanding performance. (ajr) * is a display from IPPEN.MEDIA