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FC Aarau can hit barrage like they do in 2019

FC Aarau can hit barrage like they do in 2019

Sisyphus was already there with his stone when he rolled down the mountain.Photo: Keystone/Watson

In keeping with the still-painful feelings, this story doesn’t contain any specific references. A traumatic experience four years ago had sunk deeply into the hearts of some football fans in the editorial office. Now a new version of this epic games beckons.

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Once upon a time there was a football club that someone gave it the nickname “Irrelevant”. This has been proven wrong. Now this football club is trapped in the second highest league it has been trying to escape from.

In the early summer of four years ago, the unknown Swiss club was very close to promotion. Yes, he’s already back in the Premier League with more than one leg up. Then drama ensued.

Relegation games that decide promotion and relegation are known in Swiss football by the French term volley. Anyone who utters that word at Watson and gets the wrong one reaps a look darker than the end of hell on a moonless night. Instead, there is only talk of the “forbidden B word”.

The SC Schaffhausen office sells Barrage shirts before the first leg match in Barrage of the Super / Challenge League between FC Schaffhausen and FC Luzern at the wefox Arena, ...

In Schaffhausen, the word Watson banned was immortalized on T-shirts last season.Photo: Cornerstone

The unknown football club competed in this “B-Wort” against the second last Super League participant, Neuchâtel Xamax. The first leg was played at home in Neuchâtel and not only our football club won it. No, he cracked Xamax with every trick in the book. In the end, the scoreboard showed a score of 0: 4.

pure form

zero. to. four. Anyone who has a little knowledge of football will say: well, that’s it.

Of course, Watson also has people who know a little about football. The first leg was on Thursday, and on Friday their joy of promotion was the important topic in the editorial office.

So it happened that 7,526 spectators happily set out to watch the promotion in the second leg. The struggling but charming pitch, which had long become its star due to the club’s lack of sporting success, was full of buzz. Bright sunshine rounded out an afternoon that couldn’t be more perfect.

An unknown football club wants to be promoted to the Premier League.  It could be FC Aarau, you don't know exactly.

Club colors are isolated, and even the best graphics tool is powerless against excessive use of E instead of I.Photo: Keystone/Watson

7526 – coincidentally or not – is the postcode for Engadin’s Nest little Chapella. A visit to a chapel may have helped many cheering fans remain humble before returning to the House of Lords is already a done deal.

The big shake

It is often said that people store good memories longer than bad ones. Exceptions prove every rule and this afternoon will be one of those. None of the 7,526 people in attendance will forget that they were there when football history was made.

We cannot confirm or deny that Watson’s employees were also present at the stadium. Attempts to process the event regularly lead nowhere.

The players of the unknown football club have already managed to gamble 4: 0. Xamax is already leading 2-0 in the first half, the tremors are getting bigger and bigger, and after 72 minutes the aggregate score is 4-4. A penalty shootout decides the outcome of the duel.

An unknown football club wants to be promoted to the Premier League.  It could be FC Aarau, you don't know exactly.  It is reasonable for Al Sadd Zverotek to lose on penalties.

The captain went first and missed. All players scored after him.Photo: Keystone/Watson

The way the afternoon went, it’s no surprise that the host club lost that decision from eleven metres. And so he’s still trapped in the lowlands of the Challenge League. Even today.

with upward momentum

In this rainy spring, the sun shines for the unknown. They are unbeaten in seven games, winning six of them and suddenly they are within striking distance again, who seemed to be left behind. It looks like getting into the B word is within reach, especially since the final two rounds now see matches with direct opponents in the battle for the promotion.

Or is it getting better? Is FC Aanonymy taking the momentum of the past few weeks and still climbing to a direct promotion spot in the Super League? It certainly wouldn’t be the worst for his followers’ nerves.

After so much scorn and derision, which have poured in and continue to be poured upon Watson’s long-suffering employees, perhaps I would have treated them a bit less. maybe. But alas, someone tells them so!

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