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Faux Kennard: The Briton is not allowed to leave the country because of his “obscene” last name.

Faux Kennard: The Briton is not allowed to leave the country because of his “obscene” last name.

Great Britain

Kenny is not allowed to travel because of his “obscene” last name.

This is not the first time a Briton has changed his name as a joke. Kenny Fu Kennard can’t understand why he doesn’t get a new passport.


Because of his name, Kenny Foo Kennard does not have a British passport. (icon image)

  • Changing his name seems to land the Briton in particular trouble.

  • Because of the military he can no longer call himself Coco – and now Kenny can’t travel because of his last name.

  • But Fu Kennard definitely didn’t want to change it.

It looks like Brit Kenny Kennard wasn’t exactly happy with his name after all – but the man probably didn’t expect that he would now be stuck in his country for his decisions.

The army didn’t like Koko Kenny.

At the age of sixteen he called himself Koko Kenny. But this caused him problems only three years later when he joined the British Army at the age of nineteen. After eight years serving under his original name, Kenny decided to once again call himself something that was “a bit of fun”, he told the Mirror.

But since he didn’t want to ruin his chance of finding a job right away, the Briton decided to officially change his last name to Faux Kennard. Not everyone gets the joke, or so Kenny hoped, and life is too short to be boring.

At first it seemed so With his new name Everything is fine too – in 2016 he obtained a driver’s license under the name Kenny Fu Kenard. Three attempts to obtain a passport have now failed.

“Just a bad joke”

“Now I’m short of money, I don’t have a passport, and I’m like a prisoner in my own country. On the one hand, I find the whole thing funny – as do all my friends. But I also find it hard to believe that the name could be interpreted as anything other than some funny and silly thing.” Thing. “It’s just a bad joke,” Kenny says.

The responsible UK passport authority rejected his applications, citing its own guidelines. This states that a number of “names that could be considered obscene or offensive are unacceptable” and not suitable for a passport. This also includes obscene words – and the passport authority in Vaux Kenard seems to see this clearly.

He understands the Home Office policy which prohibits certain names such as racist hate words or anything that incites hatred. “But Faux Kennard is not offensive,” said the Briton, “and I refuse to be deprived of the name I have chosen.”

The office reserves 100 francs for a passport that has not been issued

The authority also keeps the equivalent of 100 francs from the fees Kenyan paid for his new passport, to cover administrative costs, they say. To get one for British citizens yet The country’s withdrawal from the Schengen Area makes travel absolutely essential There are only two options for Fu Kinard to obtain a passport. According to the office, he must either change his name again or return to his original name, Kenny Kennard.

Kenny Fu Kennard doesn’t know yet what will happen next. But one thing is clear to the man: “I keep my family name. I don’t want to change my name again, especially since the government is restricting my freedom. I love Faux Kenard.”

Kenny enjoys traveling and was recently vacationing in Sri Lanka before his passport expired. “I can’t go on holiday abroad without a passport. I live in a city by the sea, but I’ve always loved travelling. My last holiday – to Sri Lanka – was about three years ago.

Faux Kennard with respected friends

During his week off, he camped at Sennen Beach in the far south of England. “I don’t have any plans for my next vacation because my options are limited. For example, I have a bachelorette party in three weeks. “When the best man was thinking about what we should do, he knew I couldn’t travel, so he chose Cardiff.”

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