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Fatty insurance consultant – Careless consultant makes changing health insurance expensive – Kassensturz Espresso


The promise was: the cheapest solution. Instead, one family now pays 900 francs a year too much.

Flavia and Paul wanted to. Switching to a cheaper health insurance company with their two kids last fall. To do this, they requested a bid on a premium online comparison platform. An agent called, and soon after, a counselor visited her. Remember Flavia L. Suspicious case: “He did not identify himself and did not mention who he works for.”

Years ago, Paul L. had to surgically remove a tumor on the vocal cords. Therefore, supplementary insurance with the old health insurance company Visana should not be canceled under any circumstances, because with such a medical history it is pointless to conclude a new complementary insurance.

But a few days later, the couple realized that the counselor had canceled their supplemental insurance, despite knowing about Paul L.’s illness. Not only that, the consultant made another fatal mistake: he incorrectly filled out health questionnaires on applications for the new health insurance company KPT – a risk for the family, because health insurance companies can refuse benefits if false information is provided. What was particularly shocking was that the counselor filled out the forms without L’s family present. Flavia’s feeling. Annoyed: “I assumed that we would first discuss everything with the KPT and only then fill out the questionnaires.”

Violation of the legal obligation to provide information

Insurance expert Ruedi Ursenbacher makes it clear: The advisor has breached the legal information obligation several times. Along with other filth, he came to the conclusion: “It seems to me that this is very bad advice!”

Tips from insurance expert Ruedi Ursenbacher

Among other things, the law requires insurance agents to identify themselves and specify exactly who they work for. But who did the consultant work for? Basic information can be found in the new KPT policy. is the company Breasy AG. “Kassensturz” finds out in the CR: 3 out of 5 members of Breasy’s management hold positions at the health insurance company KPT. At the request of «Kassensturz», the CEO explained that Breasy is a subsidiary of KPT.

The consultant promised the L. family “the cheapest offer.” Didn’t know both Flavia and Paul L. That they were just supposed to get the KPT show. However, a look at the federal annuity calculator shows that a family could save another CHF 900 per year with the cheapest similar offer. says Flavia L.

After all: when “Kassensturz” contacted the old health insurance company Visana, Paul L. was accepted into supplementary insurance there.

Statement from Breasy and KPT:

open box
Close the box

None of Breasy’s management likes to be in front of the camera. Only after repeated requests from “Kassensturz” did Breasy admit various mistakes, for which they apologized. You are still a young company.

Prissy wrote “Kassensturz” that he offered the family to bear the additional costs incurred as well as compensation for the activities. In addition, quality assurance procedures will be expanded – from random sampling to whole consultations. When asked why the consultant had not fulfilled his obligation to provide the information, Pressey wrote: «In the present case of L., this did not occur due to unintentional human error on the part of the consultant. Immediately inform the relevant advisor.”

Breasy confirms that its new online presence and forms indicate that it is an affiliate of KPT. In addition, the company will not only work in the field of health insurance, but also in other areas of insurance. Unlike health insurance, they are not tied to those.

Health insurance company KPT writes: In the present case, Presi’s advisor apparently ignored some of the operation’s specifications. This behavior is not acceptable to KPT. Breasy’s personnel and organizational measures were initiated immediately.