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Far: Changing Tides - Keyart

FAR: Changing the tides will sail in two months and can be pre-ordered now – The Tower

In the course of last year’s E3, it was the successor Away: lonely sails announce (inform us). This bears the name FAR: Changing the tides It takes you on an atmospheric boat ride across a seemingly endless ocean. Now the expected release date for the meditative saga has been revealed. in two months, On the first of March, FAR: Changing Tides is embarking on its much-anticipated first flight and can now be pre-ordered for Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC. A . users Nintendo Switch I still need Until February be patient.

In FAR: Changing Tides, as Captain Toe, you can get behind the wheel of your custom-built sailing ship and use it to cross the wild sea in search of a fresh start. Although your adventure also includes going to the beach, you will spend most of your trip on the water. This adventure naturally leaves its mark on your boat, which therefore requires constant maintenance and expansion. As you sail across the sea, dive into its depths and explore the fading legacies of past civilizations. You can find them below Official press release zur FAR: Changing the tides.

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