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Fantasy Basel visitors have to give up their covers

Fantasy Basel visitors have to give up their covers

Switzerland’s biggest comic hoax happened again two years ago. However, anyone wishing to attend Fantasy Basel this year must show a Covid certificate. In the case of disguised visitors, this can lead to special situations during the inspection.

Registration required by dress

Telebasel meets Martin Schornu, CEO of Fantasy Basel at the show. Covid controls could have run smoothly on Friday. “Of course we wrote to all these people. We also have people on duty who don’t do these controls for the first time, as they do in clubs, etc.,” explains Chorno before access control.

Still: What happens if you don’t really recognize someone under their costume? “Most cosplayers can take off their costume or headgear. You can’t walk around like that all day anyway, they’re used to it, even to dinner… ”, explains Martin Schorneau, however, that there are also individual cases: “We had One or two cases that were pre-recorded. They said they could not take it off. We have an agreement with them that they should take a picture before and during the make-up. Then we can very well understand that this is this person. Then we knew it, because they were also registered – but that is the case Oh really “.

Fantasy Basel takes place in Exhibition Hall 1 through Sunday 10 October.