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Fantastic as the first qualifying session in 2007!

Fantastic as the first qualifying session in 2007!

( – Nobody thought before the season that Lewis Hamilton would be so happy with a fourth on the grid, but the seven-time world champion was really impressed with a fourth in Canada: “I can’t tell you how happy I am,” the Mercedes driver smiled after Qualifying in Montreal (Formula 1 2022 live in the bar).

Lewis Hamilton happy with his fourth place on the grid in Montreal


“Ange (physiotherapist Angela Cullen) and I had the most hugs in the back of the garage because we both worked so hard,” says Hamilton. “Last week has been such a challenge and I am so grateful that she is with me every day and takes me out of the pain.”

Saturday’s result was a huge bonus and surprise for Hamilton after he was away from the music and one on Friday “disaster” may occur. “We’re still struggling and we’re far from a dry run, but to finish in the top five here is great,” he says.

For Hamilton, this is the best starting position for the year, as he was not in the second row of the grid in 2022. He even compares his euphoria to his first Formula 1 qualifying in Australia in 2007. “It seems like that in terms of excitement,” says Hamilton. .

However, getting to fourth place was difficult. Hamilton, like all the other drivers, also had to deal with rainy conditions in the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve and also suffered a number of braking problems, with varying disc temperatures on the sides. “Fortunately, I was able to fix that in the outside area,” he says.

In the end there was more

He thinks there was more at the end. Because he didn’t drive the car 100 percent. Instead, he wanted to do consistent intervals. Plus, his tires are no longer in the best shape in the end. “And when I was in Inlap, I knew everyone was still driving my car and I just thought: Oh Jesus, please.”

Chief race engineer Andrew Shovlin agrees: “We could have had more time in the final round by saving the tires for a crucial turn at the end, but you never know if there will be a red or yellow flag, so we shouldn’t say:” We will not be disappointed.”

He passed Carlos Sainz and Fernando Alonso, but the gap up front was a massive eight tenths of a second to third.

But Hamilton fared better than his teammate George Russell, who risked spots – and lost. Hamilton also briefly looked at the spots because the track was already dry in many places. “But the danger was too great for me, especially with the heat,” he decided against.

“So we decided to stay with the brokers and I think it was the right decision,” he says. “Maybe we needed another ten minutes before I went on the spots.”

Will the race get more difficult again?

The question now is whether the result can be reproduced in the race. Hamilton doubts that, because it will be dry and warm again on Sunday – and conditions weren’t good for him on Friday.

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Mercedes has dared to run some testing and also try different setup directions between Hamilton and his teammate Russell. “We’ve always wished one was a good fit, but it wasn’t good for driving,” says Hamilton.

Before qualifying, pilots were faced with the decision to fly with a slightly larger or slightly smaller wing. While Russell wanted a small advantage in qualifying, Hamilton chose the type of race. “I hope this is true and gives me the best car tomorrow,” said the Briton.

Hamilton waving it: The car is not dangerous

However, in dry areas, porpoise hunting can again become a problem. Even motorsports chief Toto Wolff recently described the car as “dangerous”, but Hamilton remained calm when asked about it.

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“In the last race it wasn’t the safest car, but this weekend it was just fine,” he says. “We have the right height to ride, which helps at the moment, but we’re still playing. I don’t feel it’s dangerous though.”

Hamilton is not hoping Mercedes will face the same problems in Montreal as in Baku: “So far we haven’t had them,” he says. “It should be fine. We work on the back every day, stretching, and I’m still tight, but it’s okay.”