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Fans want Marissa Wunderlein as FCSG coach

Fans want Marissa Wunderlein as FCSG coach

She meets the job requirements: Marissa Wunderlin could soon become the head coach of the FCSG men's team.Image: Cornerstone

Since the departure of Peter Zeidler, FC St. Gallen has been searching for a new coach. A well-known woman at the club could be the ideal replacement.

June 5, 2024, 10:38 amJune 5, 2024, 10:59 am

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St. Gallen fans will have to get used to that. Six years later, Peter Zeidler, who still has a contract with the Swiss club East until 2027, signed a two-season contract at Bochum. The former Sochaux and FC Sion coach will be a head coach in the Bundesliga for the first time, having previously worked as an assistant at Hoffenheim.

St. Gallen is now working to find a successor to Zeidler, but without acting in haste. The club knows what it needs. He is looking for a profile similar to that of the German. Someone capable of playing attractive and attacking football. Someone who is able to develop players and is also willing to give confidence to young players.

3 June 2024, North Rhine-Westphalia, Bochum: Football: Bundesliga, Pk of VfL Bochum introduces the new coach, Fonovia Rorstadion.  Peter Zeidler holds a T-shirt on stage.  Photo: Rolf Finnen...

Peter Zeidler has already been introduced to Bochum.Image: Cornerstone

It is currently difficult to predict who the future coach of Eastern Switzerland will be. However, one possibility is to look for the ideal candidate among those who have surrounded or worked with sporting director Roger Stills.

Among others, there is former Basel coach Timo Schulz, whom Stills knows from his time at FC St. Pauli, and Mark Schneider, who was a coach at Waasland-Beveren when the current FCSG sporting director was also with the Belgian side. Former YB coach Rafael Wiki is also considered a candidate. Stilz can also count on a coach from the Red Bull school, where Zeidler comes from. These included Gerhard Strober, who was sacked from his position at Salzburg in April, and Thomas Leach, who suffered the same fate at Bochum at around the same time.

But there is also a candidate: Marissa Wunderlein, who has been coaching FC St. Gallen's women since July 1, 2021. After almost three years in the position, she now has the potential to step up to a higher level. It would be well deserved based on her achievements and the fact that she knows St. Gallen and its identity well.

Wunderlein is one of the big names in women's football in Switzerland. The club has done pioneering work in many areas in the past. Signing her would be another milestone – and she would then become the first woman in history to coach in the Premier League.

FC St. Gallen's sporting director, Roger Stills, reacts to the Premier League champions' meeting between FC Lausanne-Sport and FC St. Gallen on the same day, 20 January 2024.

FCSG sporting director Roger Stills.Image: Cornerstone

Marissa Wunderlin as President of FCSG – Football fans in St. Gallen don't seem to be happy with the idea. Our colleague Ralf Strolli, journalist at St.Galler Tagblatt, recently conducted a survey among CH Media readers.

He suggested the names above, and surprise: After 1,634 votes were cast, Marissa Wunderlin was elected to succeed Peter Zidler with 40 percent. He was followed by Rafael Wiki (17 percent) and current Vaduz coach Mark Schneider (10 percent). 23 percent of those surveyed felt a non-listed coach would be a better fit.

Whatever the case, Marissa Wonderlein meets some of the criteria set by the club. She said in an interview with RTS that she was focusing on developing players and that there was a relationship between men's and women's projects in St. Gallen.

“Our main goal is to develop players. When they make progress, so does the team. St. Gallen is a club that relies on the people of the region, which makes it stable and popular in my opinion. The development here has been tremendous in recent years. So many people have invested their hearts, souls and time. Everyone works together. “There is a real common policy for men and women.”

Marissa Wonderlin

Switzerland coach Nils Nielsen, left, and Swiss assistant coach Marisa Wunderlein, right, walk in the garden of the Oulton Hall Hotel, at the 202nd Women's European Championship in England...

Wunderlin was an assistant coach with the Swiss national team under Nils Nielsen. Photo: Keystone

The former assistant to Niels Nielsen, then coach of the women's national team, succeeded in making St. Gallen a respectable team in the Women's Super League, behind the top two clubs Servette and Zurich. But its work has remained somewhat hidden until now. However, that will undoubtedly change if Roger Stills appoints her as coach of the Premier League side. Because of this decision, a rarity in men's football, eastern Switzerland will also be in the spotlight beyond Swiss borders.

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Source: Keystone/Jean-Christophe Bout

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