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Fans throw knives in the field and storm space

Fans throw knives in the field and storm space

Riots erupt at a junior match in Brazil this weekend. Angry fans storm the pitch, even the knife flies over the pitch.

Riots overshadowed the match in Brazil. – Twitter / SporTV

The basics in brief

  • Scandal in the U-20 match between Sao Paulo and Palmeiras in Brazil.
  • The fans rush to the stadium and try to attack the players.
  • A supporter throws a knife into the arena – the police are investigating.

Chaos broke out during the junior match between Sao Paulo and Palmeiras. Fans interrupt the match in the Junior Football Cup by storming the stadium.

At this point, Palmeiras is leading 1-0. Sao Paulo’s angry supporters are trying to confront the rival players.

Television images showed the referee holding a knife shortly afterwards. According to Brazilian media, she had previously flown towards the square.

According to a police spokesperson, the projectile missed some players. “At first we thought the fan who rushed onto the pitch wanted to attack the players with a knife.” However, video footage shows that she was dumped.

Fortunately, no one was injured in the riots. The authorities are investigating the exact circumstances.