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Fans sing the national anthem, shoot Pyros and storm the square

Fans sing the national anthem, shoot Pyros and storm the square

The start of the Bundesliga was overshadowed by fan misconduct. In addition to the square storm and pyro, whistles during the anthem lead to negative headlines.


The basics in brief

  • At the start of the Bundesliga, the fans were passive.
  • They whistle during the anthem, light a fire and charge the field.
  • Bayern convince and beat Eintracht Frankfurt 6:1.

The Bundesliga got off to a strong start on Friday evening: Eintracht Frankfurt welcomed Europa League winners Bayern Munich. The series’ heroes in the opening match showed who will take charge of the new season: Eintracht shot 6-1 from their home.

But it was not only the offensive scene on the field that gave speech, but also the behavior of the fans. For they let a deafening whistle ceremony be heard, while Caroline Nemschek recited the German anthem. Only a little applause was heard.

As is the case every year, the national anthem will be played before the first match of the new Bundesliga season. But fans don’t like it. The anthem has already been whistled at other football events.

Fan reactions on Twitter were mixed. Some blame the DFL for not wanting to see fans don’t want to open shows. Others condemn the behavior of viewers, others still feel sorry for the singer.

Even after that, fans acted nothing but idealistic: it caught fire from both sides. At the start of the game, a thick layer of smoke scattered over the playing field.

Is it possible to oust Bayern Munich from Thorn this season?

The following scandal followed during the break: as reported by the newspaper “Bild”, a Frankfurt fan wanted to restore a flag stolen from the Bayern Munich sector. Ran across the field with the booty, the folders wanted to stop him before the Frankfurt bend. Ten other fans rushed to the field to help their friend. And a quarrel occurred with the security forces, after which all the fans returned to their seats.

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