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Fans rushed onto the pitch too early - Nuri Sahin freaked out

Fans rushed onto the pitch too early – Nuri Sahin freaked out

In the Turkish Super League, there was an unforgettable decision in the tournament. Trabzonspor became the champion after beating Antalyaspor 2-2, but the fans almost stopped them just before the end of the match. What happened next was pure insanity, too.

Thousands of fans stormed the pitch, stepped on billboards, took corner flags, hugged players and coaches, some even pulling at goal nets. They wanted a souvenir from the first Trabzonspor tournament in 38 years. Just stupid: the match against Antalyaspor is not over yet.

Assuming a Süper Lig match was blown up 2-2, the host’s supporters flocked onto the field three minutes before the end of stoppage time. The stadium announcer did not even try to diplomatically indicate that the match was still going on, but he literally shouted at Trabzon fans storming to get back to their seats.

For minutes, the situation seemed completely out of control, until the security forces were able to actually clear the square again. A few fans were seen bringing back the corner flags they had grabbed before.

Antalyaspor president: “Our players were beaten”

However, the guests from Antalya did not understand that the game should continue under these conditions. Coach Nuri Şahin spoke so hard to referee Attila Karaoğlan that he could hardly calm down. His team was on its way to scoring the winning goal. The space storm stopped the offensive thrust. Antalya’s victory meant that Trabzon would have to postpone the tournament.

“Some of the attacking fans beat our players Floranos and Boffin. We did not rule out the team because we did not want to create chaos in Turkish football. But we will wait and see what the penalty will be,” Antalyaspor said. President Aziz Cetin.

With the actual final whistle a few minutes later, almost the entire stadium stormed the field. Players and coaches can no longer be seen seconds later. While most of the professionals managed to escape to the catacombs, Trabzonspor midfielder and fan favorite Marek Hamsik remained.

Trabzonspor: Marek Hamsik celebrates with the fans

He celebrated the title with the crowd until he found his way into the locker room minutes later. About two hours after the final whistle, the situation was somewhat under control as the players returned to the field to celebrate the tournament.

Thousands of fans had made a pilgrimage to the Black Sea city the day before. All flights from Istanbul and Ankara are fully booked on Friday and Saturday. Countless followers from Europe also came to be part of the upcoming tournament. Tens of thousands gathered in the city center and in the old Avni Aker stadium to watch the match.

After the headline became perfect, Turkish media reported celebrations across the country. Larger spontaneous celebrations were also held outside. In the Austrian capital Vienna, Trabzon fans occupied Stephansplatz, there were similar pictures from Berlin and other major European cities.

The population of the Black Sea region is spread around Trabzon in Europe. More Trabzon residents live abroad and in the rest of Turkey than the city of about 900,000 people and the surrounding area itself.

Trabzonspor, founded only in 1967, is an important club for many Turks, but not only for those from the Black Sea region. Many football fans see the club as a rebellion against the big clubs in Istanbul, thus the club also unites many fans from all over the country. They are now in an absolute emergency.