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Fans liked her new look

Fans liked her new look

Well who is this? Lana Del Rey recently shared videos and snapshots of her birthday party – her fans are amazed.

The basics in brief

  • Lana Del Rey celebrated her birthday on Monday.
  • Wearing a bikini and bun in hand, the singer poses on Instagram.
  • Thus boils the rumor mill.

Lana Del Rey turned 36 on Monday. birthday. who is that Share the singer On Instagram Many ideas – and amaze your fans.

The beauty spent her special day with her family and friends. They surprised them with a huge pink Barbie-Torte, as you can see in her story. But it is not the cake that causes surprise, but Lana’s appearance!

Because: on Video clips and snapshots At her birthday party, the artist looks different than usual, and her followers also note this.

“No one wants to say anything about how funny she looks here,” asks one Lana Del Rey fan. Another person asks: “What happened to your breasts?”

Was it actually the music? Beam Beauty Doc? Not one of her fans thinks that Lana was hit by the knife. He’s suspicious of something completely different, which one Pregnancy!

Does Lana Del Rey look different than usual?

His question: Are you pregnant? He gets many likes at once. This question seemed to burn others on the tip of their tongues…

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